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Winning design #33 by paulodesign, T-shirt Design for Sports Clothing Line needs MMA / graphic / trendy style Tshirt Contest
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designed by paulodesign

Project description

Looking for a new, fresh T Shirt design for GET SWOLE clothing brand. Want the shirt to appeal to Athletes and the younger (maybe age demographic is 18 to 35) male audience and have a graphic T / Trendy look. One sided (front) is fine. Good for the gym, hanging out or going out at night. We can be a little more edgy on this, since MMA (mixed martial arts like the UFC) and Football audience is usually more hardcore, but still look good enough to wear out to a bar or event. The graphic t-shirt style is what we are going for. We also have a slogan Don't Just Train (Get Swole) that we could try to incorporate, but definitely not necessary.

We want something that draws attention and can sell for all occasions. Ideally, we would incorporate a custom logo design for GET SWOLE that stands out but still keeps the image. Something along the lines of current brands TAPOUT, Affliction, etc - but with our own flare and spin. Also, No Crosses or Skulls please. Get creative, let's see if we can design the next hottest shirt on the market!

Need multiple designs and many more in the future. If you do good work, we may request you through Design Contest for next project.

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  • elp
    Is there a place were we can download the Get Swole Logo File?
  • Any comments on number 4??
  • This is the distressed version of #11. Hope you like and I can change the colors if you want.
  • Looking for something edgier...maybe with a GET SWOLE style logo. Thanks!
  • Also maybe a version with a Fist or an MMA glove? Thanks again
  • This one is cool too..can we see the two graphics closer together (like the GET SWOLE closer to the DONT JUST TRAIN) - also can we see a few color variations to compare with this one? THanks!
  • Not big into the crosses, good idea though.
  • Can we see a version of this with a maroon/real dark red v-neck shirt and the design with grey and black? Your shirts are on the right path though. Also, side note, if we could see other ideas with more of a GET SWOLE logo that'd be great. Great job so far!
  • Simple design incorporating the SWOLE logo pattern..........Can be created in thousands of colour combos, I just did the yellow and green ones as examples
  • We are going for more of an Affliction / Tapout style shirt, one sided. Thanks!
  • elp
    With the changes and some new color ways, also I tried and replicate your logo. I would put more than one shirt on submission, but I do not think that is allowed so I uploaded each color way separately. #19, #20 #21 #22 #23 #24 Thanks
  • Can we see this with the GET SWOLE part in a dark grey, silver and black? THANK YOU!
  • Can we see this one with a dark grey or silver color for the GET SWOLE splatter? Also wouldn't mind seeing it in black, white, really dark blue and yellow (the GET SWOLE part)
  • Are there any other fonts / or a GET SWOLE logo concept we can use on this? Also maybe in some other color schemes just to compare.
  • Can we see a version without the Year and maybe a different bottom design, or the same stars row from the top repeated. Also some other colors would be cool to see. Thanks.
  • Not bad, but not really the style we are going for here. Thanks.
  • Just didn't come out right...
  • elp
    #13, #14, #15, #16 with the changes and some more color ways, would like to use the Swole logo, if you could add the files under the brief that would be help thanks.
  • Colors don't work as well as hoped, any other ideas? Also please move both lines of text up higher on the shirt (so it fits over the chest) thanks !!
  • Is there any other image we can use for the fighters? Not a bad concept though as a totally different concept than what we have been seeing