Standup paddling dog requires hip-fun tshirt design

My Tshirt design turned out better than I ever expected. I think designContest is a wonderful forum to gain access to talented designers producing professional creative work.

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Winning design #48 by libbyelliott, T-shirt Design for Standup paddling dog requires hip-fun tshirt design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by libbyelliott

Project description

Please create a fun-contemporary tshirt design featuring a dog on a paddle board. The dog can be 'blacked' out and an outline form visual works as well. Please note the dog should not have a tail. Gracie has a 'button' of a tail. The dog must have the left ear sticking up (right ear down). This will be an element that will be in all our designs featuring Gracie. Please include tropical elements into this design - palm tree, hibiscus, etc ..I will leave it up to you. The only text that is required within the design is "SUP Pup" If possible please keep to 4 colors due to screenprinting costs. If possible please incorporate a left sleeve design for long sleeve tshirts. I uploaded a 5 images - 1)photo.jpg- idea of design style we like 2)gracie_we_c.jpg - idea of what gracie looks like on her board 3) Gracie_front_of_board.jpg - another shot of Gracie on her SUP board 4) Pink_bandana - nice view of what Gracie looks like. 5)Color_sketch_V4 - is the not-yet final logo for the company.
I hope these images give you a better idea of what I am looking for. In addition - Gracie is a parti-schnauzer but please look at her pictures. she does not have the beard or body size of a typical schnauzer.

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  • sorry still thinking its: sup pup (super pup) will fix took a look at my cheeca designs again and came up with this ! love to hear your comments designKB
  • @contestholder: that really funny : won cheeca resort and #20 was also my design will make revision, designKB
  • I am still unable to upload images. To gi e you an idea of the design style I like please check out #20 & 38 t-shirt design for the Cheeca Resort in the Keys
  • Hi DesignKB, I will review as soon as I get settled. Long drive to go away this weekend. Love your work!
  • error sorry : "sub pup" will fix if chosen ofcourse!
  • finnaly saw gracie: what a cutie!! love her! just as pretty as my doggie :-) made this design with her in it one ear down and the cool glases on! can't help the size : upload on this site gives problems. can show you bigger !! designKB
  • upload problem too: can upload in this small size. Hope you can see enough? otherwize loose credits because of this. this this snautzer is pretty cool, what do you think? designKB
  • first one just to find out what you like, is this something to start with (ofcourse will make it a schnauzer later on) just let me know what you think of something like this designKB
  • could not resist to make a start. will make any revision on the colors font etc and the dog :-) just name it! designKB
  • Hi DesignKB - Gracie is a parti-schnauzer. I am trying to upload images but I get an error message. If you go to @graciebay ( you wil see pictures of Gracie.
  • @contestholder sounds like a great t-shirt! looking forward to start" question what breed is your dog? designKB
  • @contestholder thanks for liking my designs you made good comment too: the tree position needed work; make also changes on water etc think we are getting there! designKB
  • Is it possible to reposition or resize the palm trees so they look more realistic in size compared to the 'water scene'?
  • wanted to show you quick, but will make tiny revision on gracies paws (holding the paddle, will make that better later on! greetings designKB
  • @contestholder, used a bit of your files hope that is oke? think this is much better hope you do too? gracie cute on her paddle board glad to change wathever you want! designKB
  • Thanks for submitting a design. I don't think this will resonate with our target audience
  • @contestholder: LOL you are doing fine! have the files now! love gracie, and also the cartoon drawing : can i use that too of does not belong to you? want to show more : but you need to make that possible: only one credit now! (ps : you could revieuw #7 and #6 etc too and give options for revisions) designKB
  • A zip file of images has been uploaded to the creative brief. I will get the hang of this soon :-)
  • Please use your dog with revisions. Let me check the status of the other images.
  • @contestholder, took a look a file : but i see only one not 5?? is that me or..? question: saw the dog on the board: want me to use my dog (with revision) or make my dog look like that image? designKB