Strong Burly Lumberjack Dragging Chain through the mud with oval company logo

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Winning design #11 by rizorex, T-shirt Design for Strong Burly Lumberjack Dragging Chain through the mud with oval company logo Contest
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designed by rizorex

Project description

The customer has requested this kind of shirt design. Front center of BLACK T - 8 inches wide - a 2-3 colour design. He wants a big, muscular, burly, unshaven, rough looking, hairy armed Lumberjack with rolled up sleeves - pulling with 2 chains over his shoulders and walking away from the COPPERLINE EXCAVATING logo that he is dragging through dirt. he wants an animated - cartoon character. The logo is cutting through the dirt as he pulls. The logo already exists and it is White Base - with Metallic Copper and Black. Need to get you this logo.

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  • Hi, should we put the logo at the end of the chains.. or leave it blank? should i use a black background so it would be like the color of the shirt? Will be adding a design soon, thanks!
  • So I am going to print the logo in white and copper - and the black will come from the Black T-shirt. so like the attached URL where the lumberjack is grey skinned with Blue - we might be able to get away with a 3 colour imprint... using half tones for the arms and face. I prefer the look of the Blue Lumberjack... his attitude is right and he needs to have lots of attitiude and tough. so when on - the t-shirt will have the Lumberjack walking to the right, arms over his shoulders and hands at top of shoulders - pulling chain dragging behind him. logo is attached to chains. Looking forward to the submissions. My client has 3 or 4 more designs that he wants done if this one works out as he envisions. Thanks.
  • Hi, about design #2, I fallowed the instructions about using 3 inks (white, copper and blue) and shading with halftones over black background, as the black t-shirt. I also included variation #3, using a few more colors and only halftones in shadows; and #4, using colors and shades, just to see how it could work out that way. Thanks!
  • Entry #9 - This is my initial drawing in Photoshop (No clipart only original illustration) I took photographs of myself with different pulling positions and chose the one that fit your description. I then enhanced the muscles on the arms. I don't have the logo but once provided I will make it look like it's etched on the rock the man is pulling. I will make do with the 3 colors you have provided in the brief. I will move forward with the coloring soon. If you have any advice, suggestions concerning any improvement or changes on the drawing please kindly let me know. Your input is sincerely welcomed and appreciated. Respectfully, RizoRex
  • #7 and #8, pretty much the same as my previous concepts, but updated cartoon!
  • Entry #13 is different from #10 in the way that the lumberjack here is using both hands to pull the logo. #14 is how it looks in the T Shirt. Best Regards
  • Entry #11 & #12 I downloaded the logo directly from the Copperline Excavating website and incorporated it with the rock. I was in the middle of colorization when I received your input and thank you very much for the kind comments, I'm glad you loved the sketch. I will do my best to recolorize the design using black and white and the brown from the Copperline logo. The colors I used are based from your original brief, you specified; blue, flesh, and black and so I played with those colors and also added the dark brown from the logo in order to fit the logo within the rock. Originally you wanted a blue lumberjack and so that's what I focused on. The shades on the skin and chain are based from the blue you specified and a hint of black for added darkness. Also in order for the outlines to standout in a black background I placed a weak glow of brown behind the lumberjack which gives him a cool aura. The difference between Entry 11 and 12, is that on Entry #12 the Rock, Mud, and Logo are texturized when viewed in original resolution which I think might come out nicely on the Tshirt. Entry #11 is the clean design without texture. A new colorized version will be coming soon. Please kindly advice on any improvement or modification and your suggestions are sincerely welcomed and appreciated. Respectfully, RizoRex
  • Dear CH, please leave feedback to my entry #10 for improvement. He has an expressive face and certainly is very burly, rough and masculine. Best Regards
  • Dear Contest Holder, I have been searching but I cannot find your logo. Kindly provide me the logo please, thank you. Best regards
  • Dear CH, Thank you for the opportunity. This is a very nice contest. Highly challenging! You will get an amazing design for sure . :) Best regards, -- jjy
  • Hi. I am going to go with another entry. Thank you for your submission
  • Absolutely love it. Please add some colour. I attached the oval Copperline logo to contest. Do you have it. Maybe. Keep the colour for everything very simple. You will know how to do this. Adding red and blue will take away from your sketch. The colour black white copper will be in the logo. Maybe only use white black ink in sketch to bring out half tones. Please provide artwork on Black background to represent black T. Really excited
  • Thanks
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  • Same. Thank you so much though for the entry
  • Thank you but not quite. I have another winner
  • Thank you. But was looking for a different feel
  • Entry #15 - Same color as 11 and 12 except for the shirt, I made it plain blue and removed the plaid effect. Entry #16 - Finally the Black and White version, I left the brown aura around the man for added effect. I also added the texture for the Rock, Logo, and Mud and I think it added a bit of punch to the design. The logo also retained some of its slightly brown color for added effect and to make it stand out as well. The customized design definitiely did take a lot of work from conception to the final design, you are 101% guaranteed it's all original, I sincerely hope I at least came close to what you have envisioned. Your kind suggestions are sincerely welcomed and appreciated. Respectfully, RizoRex
  • see comments below in Post
  • Agungmalang - the customer also loves your work and the look and feel of your animation. he might want to also purchase your artwork with a few changes - please look for a contest specifying your work. He wants the other 2 of 3 future designs to have the same look and feel for future t-shirts that you have submitted - so thank you and we will be in touch. I will keep your Designer name on file.