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This was my first experience with Design Contest and my wife and I couldn't be happier. From the talented designers, to the very easy to use website. to the amazing support when I couldn't figure something out. Special thanks to Sharie for your assistance. Most things in life don't work this well. You've exceeded my expectations.

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Winning design #77 by kikolina, T-shirt Design for Swayze Grey Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kikolina

Project description

Our bands name is Swayze Grey and we’re looking for T-shirt designs based off of our song “Can’t Ration Passion”.  Lyrics from the song to possibly include in the design are “Can’t Ration Passion” or “Riding, Falling, Flying, Crawling” or “Fist Full of Rope, Face Full of Mud” or the band name itself, Swayze Grey.  The song is about riding bulls in the rodeo and we’d like the theme/graphics to reflect this or a country/western theme.  The song can be found at swayzegrey.com.  We look forward to seeing your designs.  Good Luck! 

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  • About #78, @kikolina
    I can do what you want, but now there is no time. We can arrange it and I will surely do what you say!
    Great greeting and all the best
  • Not sure if you have enough time but would you be able to switch out the head of the guitar player in this entry for the quitar guys head in #79. The guy in #79 is more our style of music. Great overall design! #78
  • The contest is coming to a close and we wanted to thank everyone for sharing your talent. This was our first time using Design Contest and it's been a great experience. We've been very impressed with the quality of the designs and we look forward to working with a few of you in the near future. We'll be picking our top designs very soon. All the best.
  • here is the revision sir.... #86
    • @erwinubaldo87 Great job! Love the changes!

  • what do you think on this one sir? thanks #85
    • @erwinubaldo87 Great job! I love the changes. The only other change I can see is with the riders face. Is there any way you can improve the look of the face to make it more lifelike.

    • @weltergolf ok sir...will make the face more realistic...

  • hello CH here is my original drawing of bull rider...thanks for waiting... sorry it took me a lot of time... #83
    • @erwinubaldo87 Thank you for your efforts. We still like your work, and your bull looks good, but the rider looks stiff and is not up to the quality of your overall design. Are you able to make changes to this or get some help with the rider? Possibly have his hand go up in the air instead of out at his side like on your original design. I'll understand if you don't have the time. We still may be interested in your design even if you can't make changes as long as we're able to modify it on our end.

    • @weltergolf ok..i will make the change...with the hand go up in the air..., i will work on it now...and submit later thank you

  • Welcome back! We were sad to see your designs disappear. We weren't aware of the clip art rules. It's important that we have the rights to use all aspects of your design since we are hoping to sell these t-shirts on our band website. My wife and I will look at the designs tonight and let you know if there are any additional changes. Really like what you've done. #75
    • @weltergolf yeah...this time this is totally fine..., i created this own my own..., not a stock clipart you can see on the web...thanks

    • @erwinubaldo87 - No, you did not. Here is the source link: https://c7.uihere.com/files/220/497/140/bull-riding-professional-bull-riders-rodeo-bucking-bull-bull.jpg Your design is removed again. Please respect the client, the rules, and fair competition. DC moderator

    • @Babba hi... i still get confused..since this is a T-shirt contest..., i have posted a topic in the forum regarding if i can use images that is "Labeled for reuse with modification" and also if i can use images form pixabay etc. Please reply to my post..thanks

    • @weltergolf hello sir.... my design was removed again..., i asked some clarifications from the DC team.., if i can get things clarified i will revised my design and upload again...thanks

    • @erwinubaldo87 - Hi, you have been replied and clarified over this matter in the thread you had posted for admins/mods. Not every t-shirt contest is the same. This contest requires original work, as you could have realize the first time your design was removed, and as client already wrote " It's important that we have the rights to use all aspects of your design since we are hoping to sell these t-shirts on our band website." Please stick to the rules, be original and have good luck! DC moderator

    • @erwinubaldo87 We hope you're able to make the recommended changes. We really like your work.

    • @erwinubaldo87 One change to make to your design is with the word "Cant". Please change this to "Can't" with an apostrophe. Looking forward to seeing your design with original artwork.

    • @weltergolf ok sir... please wait for my next entry..., thanks

    • @weltergolf hello sir...i'm still halfway on my artwork..., i will submit asap..thanks

    • @erwinubaldo87 Will do. Looking forward to it.

  • Any comment ? Any change ? lemme know sir :-) #81
  • A bit of urban code...! #79
    • @kikolina Very cool design. Not sure if we'll use it or not but I like that it's different than the rest.

  • maybe it looks nonsense... !?? #78
    • @kikolina We are more country than rock and roll but I like that you're having fun with it.

  • corrected ...Can’t Ration Passion
    All the best... #77
  • About #74, @kikolina
    Please let me know if you have any suggestions/changes. We are looking forward to your suggestions
    Kind Regards
    • @kikolina For now if you could just remove the qoutation marks around Can't Ration Passion. Looks good!

  • HI, Here is my T-SHIRT design I hope you like This and need any change feel free to tell me I will do this, Thank you !! #76
  • Liking the update. My wife and I will take a further look tonight and let you know if there are any additional changes to recommend. #74
  • Images of the bull and rider is my work. #74
  • hope you like it..., i created this bull image and its rider not a stock clipart..., thanks #73
  • Design is done in Corel Draw and it's complete work! #72
    • @kikolina Does that mean you have the rights to the images of the bull and rider?

  • We may be interested in purchasing your design but we need to confirm that the bull and rider aren't clip art. We'll be selling these on T-shirts and would need to own the rights to the design.
  • sir,still any changes can be made if u want in the finalization stage....I can provide u more design if want.. #71
  • white version of it.... #70