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  • thanks for the feedback, by the way I'm a lil bit confuse of your comment, what do you mean by add the full logo on the back? is it about the size of the logo that it will be stretch out in full on the back of the shirt? or it is just about the details of the logo? Thanks!
  • Looks too much like mma/affliction -- Can you try it with a different look-- Use silver and red colors
  • Add the full logo on the back.
  • Looks too much like mma.affliction style that we don't like.. can you try it with a different look but the same wording. Use - silver and red colors
  • Can we see this in silver and red.. and add the full logo on the back.
  • Can we see this in silver and red.
  • Thanks again for your feedback... how could I forget to put 'win' on!! I have changed fonts and colours etc. This one and number 23 show front and back. Cheers, Liz
  • Hi Pixelsandink - you can post the t-shirt designs in mock-up t-shirt template. That's fine. :)
  • Only one design allowed per entry. http://www.designcontest.com/t-shirt-design/t-shirt-design-for-a-high-end-performance-nutrition-company/entry/8/report
  • Dear Contest Holder, is it okay to post the shirt design in a mock-up tshirt or tshirt template? because in the guidelines, we are not allowed to put the design in a tshirt template unless we are required by the contest holder. Thanks!
  • Add "win" to the end right after celebrate
  • Dear Contest Holder, Here is a fresh current design, that is plastered with your slogan, but is clean enough for your athletes. Design also works well on black! I recreated the font from your website to maintain your identity. Enjoy!
  • I agree, the white shirt looks good with red and silver... maybe try orange and liver on the black... Good effort so far!
  • Can the silver words show the Z, instead of the three lines. (make it stand out from all the words) Also, can we see a different font. The back of the shirt should have the full logo at the top part of the shirt.
  • Thanks for your feedback. I have tried it with a different font and in your silver and red colours. The silver and red work well on the white T, but I think the white and gold would stand out better on the black T, the red gets a bit lost. I missed the first line off this time and just filled it with sports adjectives. I will mess about with some other fonts. Cheers.
  • Don't like the wording... It's a direct copy of the UA example... change font and feel.
  • I like the concept, can we see it in the silver and red colors. Remove the star.. replace it with the Z Try different fonts.
  • too simple
  • to simple
  • Sports words using your font, looks better at full size. The star is something given everytime a country wins the world cup! Can try different font. Would work on a white T with white text changed to black. Well... I'd wear it!