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Winning design #132 by Squewheet, T-shirt Design for T-Shirt Design for Computer Repair Company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Squewheet

Project description

I would like the front of the shirt to be a nice and attractive design (designer-like). These shirts will be given to friends, family, and current customers. I want them to look attractive and modern. On the back of the shirt, I would like to have our logo, phone number, and web address listed - but not too big like a walking billboard. I want you to come up with designs you think are good. When designing, please use two-colors or three-colors max. I would like for these shirts to be easily printed - so nothing shiny, bubbly, gradient, etc. The shirts that we are most likely going to print this design on is gray, black, white, and maybe some other neutral colors - so please understand that we will need different color variations of your design. I have provided an EPS file with both of our logo's (one for dark background and one for light backgrounds). If you feel the tagline "Computer Repair & Service" needs a different font, go for it! Before posting the design, ask yourself this question: "Would I wear this shirt?" If your answer is no, the design is likely not going to make it.

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  • No back design? It doesn't look bad, but for some reason it looks like there's something missing?
  • Sorry, but the shirt just looks too plain. Have any other design ideas? Thanks!
  • Sorry, but the shirt just looks too plain. Have any other design ideas? Thanks!
  • How about putting the pdx micro logo below the X and "Compute Repair & Service" below the logo? Also, do you not have a design ready for the back? Thanks.
  • Sorry, but the tagline just doesn't go well with the shirts. It's been removed from the contest description. Thanks.
  • ECC
    I thought commenting on our designs is forbidden according to he rules and regulations
  • Hi pdxmicro, my 3 entries are using same design with different t-shirt color, as you ask. (also please see #6 and #7 for color combination) i put your tagline at the front to attract people who see it at first and wondering what it is when they see the back of the t-shirt. i hope you like it. Some feedbacks will be helpful, thank you.
  • A new EPS file is uploaded. The icons were removed completely and "Computer Repair & Service" was added under the logo. Thanks :)
  • Thanks CH!
  • I also updated the contest description and company description a little. Thanks!
  • an EPS file has been uploaded. Please be aware that this does not have my new tagline (Computer Repair & Service) and also includes icons that I don't want on the logo (please remove those - or use them elsewhere in the design!) Thanks :)
  • Sorry, I think you misunderstood, its EPS, not PSD. Encapsulated Post Script (EPS), is a vector format, so you can resize without losing quality. If you could do this please. Sorry for the incovenient.
  • Dear CH. Seems like the file you uploaded is corrupted. If you could re-upload it and in a EPS format it would really help! Thanks.
  • finally submitted !
  • please sir tell me which part you didn't like in #128 ,color suggestion or size suggestion please. waiting for your reply Thank you !
  • A healthy revised :)
  • look at this Sir !
  • revised
  • Revision Of #118
  • Sweet simple professional technical on Grey T-shirt. wait for Black and White.