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Winning design #15 by SAHEAD, T-shirt Design for T Shirt for Apartment Community Contest
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designed by SAHEAD

Project description

Need a cool t shirt design for apartment community located in downtown Raleigh.

(Attached are the logo files, and a design style that we thought could possibly work with more detail.) 

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  • Like the concept. Needs to have the names of the building and that artwork specifically for Raleigh. #23
  • Don't like the RALEIGH part, and the lines below it. May be best to stick with one color for the font inside the buildings. #14
    • About #14, @jeaves Noted. I'll do the adjustment.

    • @christywee Thanks! :) Sorry if the feedback sounded short, I was trying to get out the info as quickly as possible since there isn't much time left. Thank you for your submission!

    • @jeaves It's fine. I also just knocking off from work. I may do the correction right now.

  • Like the circular pattern. Not sure the color scheme goes with the logo colors. And I really like the writing in the buildings. Will keep this one in the running though. #16
  • Keep this one on here. But can you pop the logo in on the top? #17
  • Like this design. Can't read the words inside the buildings though. Perhaps one not so vintage looking, and we can make the t-shirt a vintage material if printed? #9
    • 7AW

      @jeaves #17 ok

  • Like the use of the logo in the middle. Do not like the reflection and the lines underneath the city scape. Would prefer the text inside the building. #10
  • A little too busy, and hard to read. Thanks for your entry! #7
  • Like the use of the logo in the center. Don't like the building reflection and lines. Also, I like the buildings with the names of places inside of them. #10
  • Same feedback for this one. Remove the downtown Raleigh (especially if so big), and the lines/building reflections underneath Jones Grant. #11
  • I like it . Not sure about the Downtown Raleigh part. And do not like the lines underneath the Jones Grant Urban Flats name. #12
  • Think you've got the wrong contest. #5
  • Think you've got the wrong contest. #3
  • Can upload the apartment look? And any slogan? or any words u want put it on the t-shirt.
    • @christywee It's under construction so I'm afraid that won't help much. Pretty much it's located in downtown Raleigh, and is an urban mid rise building. The name is Jones Grant Urban Flats. www.jonesgrant.com

    • @jeaves Noted. Thanks for the info.

  • I like the downtown Raleigh skyline, however it's probably not exactly what we are looking for here. #1
  • Like the silhouette, however not the lines below it. Also don't like the Downtown Raleigh. Add a few more pieces to the shirt, like a half circle, or something to give it a little more punch. #2
  • What kind of people are living at this apartment community? Is it a high end building for people with large incomes or is it more modest with the middle class living there? What is the reason for wanting t-shirts for the community? Is there an event going on, is everyone kind of friends or? Would you like to keep the design black and white or see more color? How much creativity are you looking for? Do you want something over the top or something more simple and closer to the example you uploaded?
    • @Holmes124 www.jonesgrant.com may help you locate the information. It's an urban mid rise located near downtown Raleigh. Thanks!

  • It's a high end, mid-rise building. Color is great, and as far as creativity I'll leave that up to you. The name of the community is Jones Grant Urban Flats