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Winning design #55 by 7AW, T-shirt Design for TacoMo Dog Training Contest
Gold Medal

designed by 7AW

Project description

Calling for designers who love DOGS! We want a t-shirt design that speaks to our clients and general dog lovers alike.  A funny dog quote or something that hasn't been done a repeatedly before would be great! We've included our logo and would like to see it as a tag on the bottom of the design. We've also included pictures of our dogs Taco & Mo who are the inspiration behind our company. While we're not necessarily looking to have them as part of the t-shirt (they are the inspiration for our logo as well) perhaps their faces can provide some inspiration. :-)

We are big on being unique and clever. Humor is appreciated as long as it is rated PG. Originality is key! One or 2 colors preferred.  In addition, I've chosen the t-shirt format for women since that will likely be the primary wearer of the shirt, however the design shouldn't be exclusive to women. Looking forward to seeing what everyone has to offer!

(We use a 100% force free training model. Designs including words such as Pack Leader will be automatically eliminated)
***Feel welcome to view our website to learn more about us or get inspiration!

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  • About #13, @bubbandata I can't either? Very strange. Not sure why. Don't think i can upload it again, now the contest has expired tho
  • Love it! But I would prefer the wording to be changed from "obedient" to well-behaved... #13
    • About #13, @bubbandata No problem, I have uploaded an amended version for you to see. Kate

    • @ktbev Thank you! I very much like it with the change but no longer see it on the list?

  • Tshirt-mockup-TacoMoDogTraining-Ready #54
  • Hope you like my work :) #51
  • Hope you like my work. :) #50
  • Hi , if you would like any color variations, do let me know! Thanks. #49
  • Tshirt-mockup-TacoMoDogTraining-Ready #39
  • in soft color..thank you #31
  • Tshirt-mockup-TacoMoDogTraining-Pug #29
  • Tshirt-mockup-TacoMoDogTraining #28
  • Dear @bubbandata, About #9 : Is acceptable to use Stock clipart ?
    Link Image : http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=120844666
    • @blackplates Original art is certainly preferred. :-)

  • We're overwhelmed by the response! Thank you all so far for your time and effort you've put into a t-shirt design for us!
  • FRONT & BACK #24
  • dear contest holder, please check my design hope you like it... #22
  • About #9, many thanks for your rating. If you need some changes i'll do them. Thanks again, Anna
    • Dear @bubbandata . Here are some different versions if you need. #21 #20 #19 #18, thanks, Anna

  • Dear Contest Holder @bubbandata. Here is my design. Please check it. I'd like to receive your feedback to improve my work. Thank you, Anna #9
  • Hello sir,
    Hope you like it...Any feedback is very helpful... #7
  • I found inspiration for the dog's ears from the pictures that you posted of your own dogs. Taco's ears seemed to have a mind of their own and I wanted to capture that in this design. #6
  • Thank you for your time! I've updated the brief a bit again.