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Winning design #110 by Kash786, T-shirt Design for Taming the Wild Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Kash786

Project description

We have a new t-shirt designed every year. This year we want the shirt to be designed around the saying, "Take a walk on the WILD side!" using our font for the letters in the word WILD (crimes times six). We are a BIG dog training business in Memphis, TN.

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  • A fresh concept for 'taming the wild' brand identity. Feel free to contact for more ideas, don't forget to sound your personal feedback. Thanks for your personal attention. #130
  • Dear Kira,

    Right now I don't have my system with me, I will be able to work on my system tomorrow but I can share rough concept as you suggested.

    If you select me as winner I promise I can make this concept in reality or you can select my other designs if you like any one of them.

    Thank you #118
  • I create for you this funny t-shirt training design to express and emphasize the beauty and the pleasure of carrying out this work which is based above all on love , I hope that my idea has arrived and that the design will please you #117
  • CH, i sent my design for your training. #112
  • Can you try turning the words "Forever WILD" so they are moving vertically up and down the shirt? May need to make them bigger or something. Not sure. #106
  • Can you close the mouth on the wolf? (no teeth, please!) #99
  • About #101, @OmerAhmet
    Hi, I hope this design is matching with you with the new message "forever wild"
    feel free if you need more changes. :)
  • hope you like this. #99
  • Classic cartoon design concept for corporate identity. Feel free to make an edits, to comment, and share your personal opinion. Thanks for your attention #97
  • Taming the wild classic cartoon style tshirt design concept #96
  • Taming the wild corporate style tshirt concept #94
  • Taming the wild corporate style tshirt concept #93
  • About #85, @OmerAhmet
    Here you are the updates you need but as I think the first style was better.
    I hope I understood you and designed your imagination as you need.
    thank you
  • Place the word "Forever" across the bridge of the nose, maybe slanted up diagonally a bit, with the current version of the word, "WILD" on the right side of the face beneath the word, "Forever". #85
  • Remove the words "take a walk on the" and "side!" #85
  • Keep WILD in same font and color, but move it down a bit. #85
  • Move the logo to the top, center back and reverse the colors, please. #85
  • You need any changes please let me know :) #89
  • We like this one best. Isolate it, please. #71
  • Additional creative conception solution, with another external brand perception. Feel free to comment to make an edits and provide your personal opinion. Thanks #76