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We would like to create a fun and funky t-shirt for teens and young adults that has something to do with our city: Charlotte, North Carolina. Interested in seeing some designs with the area code 704 or the name 704 Clothing, but not every design should include it because we're not sure that's what we're looking for... 7/6/12: Please read my comments. We may be selecting more than one style.

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  • Hi mrsvanessareed. I have submitted a few designs for you '704 Clothing'. All my design are based on clothing and minimalist concept. Hope you like the concept and if you thinking what can I add or improve just let me know. :)
  • About #3 I created a simple, modern and minimalistic shirt for your consideration that features a crown that I designed to tie in with Charlotte being the Queen city. Hope you like the concept. Best regards, PaintedPony
  • About #1 Hi mrsvanessareed~ I designed a shirt for your consideration that features '704 Clothing' intertwined in a graphic, trendy grunge-look. Hope you like the concept. I'm working on a few more ideas... Kind regards and Happy 4th! PaintedPony
  • Ok I will try my best. I will think of a few ideas and have them uploaded soon for you. Thanks for the info. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Hi Squewheet, Yes, they will be screenprinted. I don't have any other ideas for the design. I was thinking the designers could look up a little about our city and see what they can incorporate. I don't want it to look like a tourist shirt though. Thanks, Vanessa
  • Are you going to have these shirts screen printed. And is there anything else besides the area code you would like to see implemented into the design. Thanks, Squewheet
  • #55: Can you make Lifestyle one word? Can I also see what it would look like on a girl's shirt?
  • Hello mrsvanessareed, I have entered a design (entry #57), but I wasnt sure if this design is a one time design or for a clothing line? Feedback
  • One more concept for your consideration to see if you like. #39 is an enlarged view of the back and #40 shows an idea for front design and back design. If you prefer to just show 'Charlotte' enlarged without '704', I can always revise. I created a montage with type using words that depict Charlotte (notice I included the famous Sharon Road several times - LOL!). You can always switch out words to your preference or change colors. Thanks, PaintedPony
  • Ok, maybe the 704 isn't working??? Would it be easier for everyone to try using Charlotte as the main feature?
  • About #36 Hi Vanessa~ I created an emblem/shield look for this this concept that is reminiscent of a 'hornet's nest' - Charlotte's nickname. Just let me know if you would like to see any revisions. Thanks! PaintedPony
  • About #37 Here is a concept using the historic Green flag with white crown, which represents unity... a great message for young and old today! The artwork is shown on a dark tee such as black, in design #38. The green is very vibrant and will deffinetly grab the attention of teens and young adults, green is also a color associated with life and health/wellness... just a thought, Thanks! - Marvel
  • I found a image of the Charlotte NC buildings. And then just made a nice silhouette image. If it's not the right one. Can you supply some images of the skyline so I can get the right one.
  • Hi Vanessa~ Thanks for the feedback and ratings on my entries. I have some more ideas I'm working on. :) Much thanks, PaintedPony
  • #4: which skyline are you using? Doesn't look familiar.
  • #23: Cute idea, but it would cost an arm and a leg to screenprint with all those colors! :)
  • PaintedPony, Keep 'em coming. I like them, but I don't think we're there yet! Thanks!! Vanessa
  • Hi everyone! Can we try a few without the word clothing on it? Maybe a big 704 faded in the background with writing over it? I still have no idea what I love. I'll know it when I see it though :) Vanessa
  • Hi mrsvanessareed~ I created a new design for your review #26 that features the firebird sculpture from uptown located outside the museum of modern art. If you notice, I included '704' on his sunburst. Although it is a mirrored sculpture, I used fun, colored mosaic shapes to represent that. Thanks, PaintedPony