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Winning design #22 by alexsandoval, T-shirt Design for The DoughCone Contest
Gold Medal

designed by alexsandoval

Project description

We are a food truck that makes Donut Ice Cream Cones.

It is a cinnamon sugar donut cone, warm nutella coated on the inside, and a vanilla bean soft-serve inside also.

We are looking for a t-shirt in black.

I want to do a "Game of Cones" Design. If you're familiar with game of thrones, I want to do an Iron Throne made of out DoughCones. And then I want our logo in the back.

I'd like the front to say "Game of Cones" with the iron cone design. And then the back should have our logo on it in full color (yes I realize this is more expensive). I have a vision of the front being in black and white, but if you're inspired run with it.

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  • (in red the shape of iron throne) #10
    • About #10, @alexsandoval can you edit that red?

    • About #22, @thedoughcone Yes, I can make all modifications required to complete the design you want.

  • add shadows #21
  • About #15, @JonyaD Also the size of this is a little over whelming, can you make it smaller?
    • I'll upload a smaller one in a minute. Thanks!

  • Hello thedoughcone. Can you extend this contest, please?? Thanks in advance :)
  • Can you give me one more version of this where Game of Cones is designed like the logo with the straight line extending from the "C"? Also can you make the "o" in Cones a donut like in my logo? #15
  • Awesome!! Looks great, can you make sure the shape of the throne is exactly like the picture in terms of proportions? #15
  • awesome can you submit one more version without the ring around the outside, and one more version with a thinner circle on the outside? Love the melted ice cream #12
  • details of melted ice cream. #12
  • Can you make this look more like the logo? #6
    • About #6, @thedoughcone sorry do you mean your logo or Game of Thrones logo?

  • Hi, thanks for your comments, I have changed the 'cone throne' to bring it more in line with the original throne. I have just seen where your other comment is, sorry it didn't pop up to start with. I will see what I can do. Liz : ) #11
  • Dear CH, please check my design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #9
    • Good first pass can you make the shape more like the picture though? About #9, @operhal

  • Can you make it look more similar in shape to the iron throne: #8
  • Great work, can you make the throne shape similar to the iron throne? #6
  • About #6, @lizonil looks good but needs some adjustments. The throne needs some rework.
  • This looks pretty great, can we make it bigger? Also can you make the ones on top more exaggerated? Loved the donut hole in "Cones" #7
  • Please make this on one line..... #7
  • Please make this bigger...... :) #7
  • remove this logo please.... #7
  • original idea!!! #7
  • reusing the cone in your logo, okay? #4