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Winning design #46 by FATPIXEL, T-shirt Design for Tramonto Chiropractic Contest
Gold Medal

designed by FATPIXEL

Project description

I'm looking for a t-shirt design that can be screen printed easily for a Chiropractic office. What I would like is either a cartoon person or skeleton person crawling on the ground with back pain. I want the trademark saying to read " Don't crawl, just call!" with the phone # on the back: 623.242.8385. And the company logo across the front of the shirt.

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  • About #44, @FATPIXEL i can make that later too. if dead line finished. :)
  • Any luck on a different male figure??? I love the design but would like to see with a different male figure. Thanks!!
  • Can you make the logo just a little bigger. Thanks! #44
  • This looks perfect, much better and more realistic. Awesome job!!! Thanks #44
  • put the orange back in the circle like the other one, please. Thanks! #44
  • Can you put the orange background in again, it looks better with it. #44
  • About #42, @FATPIXEL thanks for feedback.
  • this is a new variation of my design
  • Can I see this with another male character were the mouth isn't so opened. Also with a more natural color. Thanks!! #38
  • Can you keep the picture the same but try it with a different male character. Thanks!! #37
  • Can you change the hair color to a brown instead of grey. Thanks!! #42
  • Can you change the hair color to a brown instead of grey. Thanks!! #42
  • Can you change the skin color to a more natural color, this looks a little funny with the orange skin. Thanks!! #42
  • I like this new design!! could you try it with the "Just Call" in the same position as the last design. #37
  • Love this design! Could you maybe move the "Just Call" to another place in the design, just might be a little crowded. Love the rest of it with the circle and the guy. #42
  • another one,thanks #37
  • thanks #36
  • Can you change the "Just" to a different font. Want to see what it looks like without cursive. Thanks! #28
    • @nmccannaz Thank you for your feedback. I will do it

  • Hi. Please check my designed with cartoon man.
    On a black and navy blue background. Thank you. #30
  • Can you move the man image down slightly, its just to close to the writing " Don't Crawl". Thanks! #23