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Winning design #91 by DavArt, T-shirt Design for Tshirt design for our table tennis sports site PongWorld Contest
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designed by DavArt

Project description

Hi! We are PongWorld.com and love table tennis! We want a graphic that can be used to print T-shirts with our website name. The text should include either "pongworld.com" or "www.pongworld.com", and the optional text "we love table tennis" depending on fit. The graphic should be fairly simple and streamlined but could add some more interest than just the text. The feeling should be either hip or techie or a mix of both, without being nerdy or childish. We do not want a racket/paddle in the graphic, but a ball could be OK. There should be no text on the back.

The graphic should fit well on a T-shirt background that is either navy blue to dark blue, graphite gray, dark gray, or maroon.

Our website might offer some inspiration www.pongworld.com

The t-shirts need to be 100% royalty free and not infringe on any copyright whatsoever so be 100% authentic and original!

The graphic should adhere to the specifications specified by Spreadshirt. File format must be either svg, .ai, .eps or .cdr for the printer. We also want either a png or jpeg so we can view it. Your design must not exceed 38 x 38 cm. We recommend 28 x 28 cm as the ideal size. Lines and other parts of the motif must have a diameter of at least 1.5 mm. Maximum 3 colours. Create each colour in your design as a separate layer. All objects and text to be printed must be converted into paths. Make sure that all curves are completely closed and do not overlap each other.


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  • Hello, CH.
    if you need all of my files, please do not hesitate to contact me. I certainly will give my best for you.


    best regards

    Dav. #97
    • @DavArt Hi. I like several of your designs and it is difficult to choose the best one. I am definitely interested in several of them. Would it be ok to get several of the files?

    • @pongworld Of course I will send the files you want. I will always be there for you until the project is completed. best regards Dav.

  • Thank you all for your contributions. There have been many excellent ones. Unfortunately we do not have time to comment each one now. We will make our decision within a few hours.
  • red maroon color #103
  • display color blue navi t-shirts #102
  • display white t-shirts #101
  • please feedback
    thank you #100
  • how do you think bout this one, sir?
  • Tshirt design for our table tennis sports site PongWorld #90
  • Hi again #73
  • @neutralnet
    Hello Sir, what would you like me to improve ?
    • @BrightArtAct Hi. Thank you for your contribution. Its not bad, just prefer some other ones better.

    • @pongworld :)

  • hello, sir.
    i will always give my best for you,
    please if you want a chnge, do not hesitate to contact me.


    best regards

    Dav. #47
    • @DavArt OK thank you. Looks nice.

    • @neutralnet you're welcome :)

    • @neutralnet hello, ch. if you need a change, do not hesitate to contact me, i will always on for you :) . thanks. best regards Dav.

  • Second proposal, hope you are still open for proposals #66
  • Variations #57
  • Hello, this is my proposal for your great contest. hope you like it #56
  • Dear CH
    This is my revision
    Thanks alot #45
  • Hi. How would this look with .com at the end? Or will it be too long? What about all lower case? #28
  • Dear CH,
    Please check my design
    Im waiting for your feedback
    Thanks #22
  • No racket and no heart please. #29
  • Nice. Can it be made a more streamlined, a little more classic? #18
  • done.
    please check the picture with a dark red background.

    thanks. #16