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Winning design #15 by arni_admim, T-shirt Design for UCL Contest
Gold Medal

designed by arni_admim

Project description


Atleast 30 editable T-shirt designs need to be created with the brand name(UCL).
For ideas, you may look into the graphics of Tapout and Nike.

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  • are you available on fiverr.com? #51
    • @shamimshahzad no why u ask ? what is this site for ?

    • @kilian_007_cool; All I want to know is that, if in case, I select someone else as a winner. Then, how can i offer you something and buy some of your designs. That way, i can reward you for your efforts and don't let it go waste. Both of us will be in win-win situation.

  • Cool. Create some more designs for red & grey color tshirts. Try to create 3-4 extra designs as i might chuck out a couple of them. #80
    • @shamimshahzad : Have a look at design # 100. get me something like that. But this time for red, Blue and grey tshirt.

    • @shamimshahzad Hello! I sent another 6 projects, 33 in total. A good number. With this you have choose 30 models and discard some. I hope you enjoyed my work.

    • @arni_admim Yes, I did enjoy your work and am surely closing it in your favour because nobody could come close to you. But, Is it possible for you revise some of your designs, as they're meant for printing on full length, whereas my printer is not capable of handling such huge designs. You can keep the revision with you and submit once, it is closed in your favour.

  • Could you submit the rest of the designs ? you may peek into the other selected ones and develop your own.
    • @shamimshahzad Hello! I sent more projects. There are now 27. I send more 5 or 6, so you have the option to choose 30 and discard the remainder.

    • @arni_admim; Design for red color tshirt. enough of black and white.

  • if you like to buy my design i will sell you 60$
  • maybe you already find what you like a design #86
  • I've selected almost all your designs. Submit few more. Use guitar, saxaphone, musical nodes, bikes, use filters, gradients etc... #47
    • @shamimshahzad Hello. The deadline expired the project and can no longer send. I sent you 15 projects. If I am selected, I can send the rest then.

    • @arni_admim; I've extended it by another 7 days. Just because i don't want to spoil your efforts. You're a wonderful designer.

    • Thank you very much! I will send new projects. Time was little so I sent only 15. But now send more projects.

    • @arni_admim there is another designer who has also submitted some of his designs and it is equally impressive. If I had budget, I would have given him chance as well. If you've access to those designs then create something similar if not exactly the same.

    • @shamimshahzad Yes, I saw them. I will create something similar and other new things too.

    • @arni_admim; That stretched spring kind of effect. I really loved it. All the best. I'm sure you can submit something even better.

    • @arni_admim Please ensure that you don't submit any full length design, and also the design which starts from the neck.

    • @arni_admim ; Hello, Are you on the job ? As i said, please avoid any further submission of full length design.

  • The number of designs submitted is less than the asked numbers. Do you want me to split the amount with 2 other designers, based on the number of designs selcted by each one of you ? #61
    • @shamimshahzad so everyone shell make 30 ? i can load up some more should already be around 30

    • @kilian_007_cool; Yes, 30 designs. I have extended it by another 7 days. So, good luck.

    • @kilian_007_cool, But please avoid using the same effect in different colors. create something unique and different.

  • Hello, Please submit more designs as the contest was meant for 30 designs. #30
  • Beautiful. Keep it up. You don't have much time. submit the rest. The order is goint to be yours. #31
  • Do you want 30 designs for $127 ?
    • @JonyaD But where are the design. Simply enlarging and turning the texts upside down will not work. You need to be creative with the texture, background etc. And most importantly, the font used for the artwork has to be NFL Redzone.

  • I've asked for 30 designs. You've submitted only 6. All are good. Submit 24 more. #17
  • Liked almost all your designs. create more in order to get through the contest. #15
  • Liked your work. try to play more with the background and create some more designs #17
  • Dear @shamimshahzad, here are my designs #23 #24. Please check them, I'd like to receive your feedback. Thank you. Anna
  • these are plain stuff. The background should have something.
  • i hope you like #10
  • i hope tou like this #9
  • About #5, @adihanif98
    This is the kind of work, anybody can do on photoshop. I want Tapout or Nike kind of designs, with my Logo.