EuroMaidan, #Евромайдан (Ukrainian Protestors, Non-Profit) T-Shirt/Hoodie

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Winning design #90 by dbb201, T-shirt Design for EuroMaidan, #Евромайдан (Ukrainian Protestors, Non-Profit) T-Shirt/Hoodie  Contest
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designed by dbb201

Project description

We are a non-profit organization supporting the people of Ukraine in a current nationwide protest known as EuroMaidan aimed at denouncing the government of President Yanukovich who called off the vital agreement with EU, and ordered the riot police to beat up peaceful protestors. The support we've received from European and global communities so far has been amazing! So we're asking designers at DesignContest for cooperation. We'd like to get a t-shirt/hoodie print that reflects Ukraine's European aspirations (the design should involve elements of both Ukrainian and European flags - Ukrainian National Emblem, the Trident, is optional), and the *peaceful* force of Ukrainian people. Some of the shapes we can think of are flowers, heart, hand/palm - but feel free to introduce ANY other shape that will tell the story. The print should include the hashtag #євромайдан (printed in Cyrillic, Ukrainian) and have space for interchangeable slogans. Some of the current slogans are: Я дихаю вільно (I Breathe Freely) Я крапля в океані (I'm A Drop In The Ocean) Україна це Європа (Ukraine is Europe) I'm Ukrainian and I cannot keep calm! UkrainEUkraine Please use a clean simple sans serif for slogans. Keep the design modern and close to minimalistic and try to use 2-4 colors (again, this is just a guideline; if you have an awesome concept with 5 colors, go ahead and present it). 2-color palette: sky blue/blue on yellow/golden yellow background or vice-versa; 3-color - blue&yellow on black/white background, 4 - blue/yellow, white stroke, black bckg or vice-versa. Articles on the topic (just to know what's going on): Designs we like - see attached

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  • #4 we like the idea with the peace sign. Try developing it further, changing the color scheme slightly. Work with the flag (could be slightly smaller, more space between the elements, try changing the positioning)
  • Hi there Peacefull sign, EU and ukraine colors. Please take a look at #17. Thanks Andrei
    • Andrei, the image is quite good, but we don't like the font (use roman instead of italics), and the positioning of the slogan. Also, please replace the uppercase Е in the hashtag with a ukrainian lowercase Ñ”. Thank you!

    • Thanks for feedback. Will work on it and post back later. Andrei

    • Hi I made the changes of font to roman, positioned all under the graphic, and E to ukrainian. Please check out #38. Thanks Andrei

    • this is good, thank you! we'll consider it. all the while you can submit some more, with a different concept, if you like (and if you do, don't develop #39 - rather, try making something entirely different)

  • #14 Here's the new one i made, i took in mind what you wanted and hopefully you like it better this time! :) - Kind regards Alex!
    • Alex, yes, this is better, but it still doesn't feel whole. You've combined elements of different imagery that do not fit together. We're trying to convey that Ukraine is a European country, and ears of wheat combined with a coat of arms (albeit Ukrainian) alludes heavily to Soviet symbolics (, which is exactly what we're trying to avoid. Also, let's experiment with black t-shirt

  • #12 I posted my design. I hope you like it. Please, leave feedback on it. Thank you
    • hi annamaria. thank you for your entry, but this isn't quite what we're looking for

  • #6 Hope you like my entry! Please leave feedback on it! - Regards Alex
    • Alex, I'm afraid this has to be reworked completely. Try moving away from standard combination of colors and shapes (like the blue-and-yellow shape of Ukraine). Dissociate the national colors from national shapes (the blue-and-yellow handshake is a good start, think in that direction, but try experimenting with the symbols). Get rid of lines and boxes. Fading gradient may be a good idea on black, but it looks very bleak on white. Also, we don't like the font choice for the slogan.

    • Alright, ill try and rework it! do you can i make the slogan in English or do you want it as displayed already?

    • It would be great to see it in Ukrainian, but if you're going for English, we'd like to make sure there's an identical Cyrillic font

  • #11 good, and very powerful, although fist is not really a peaceful sign. Try changing the font so it doesn't look too warlike (fist + font = a little too much). We don't want provocation, do we? ;) And please put it on a t-shirt mockup so we can see your offers as to size and positioning.
  • #9 3d looks interesting. Not exactly what we wanted, but worth some thought. Still, ЄВРОМАЙДАН and the slogan are on different planes :) #8 the "O" that holds the peace sign is too bold. Try looking for shapes other than the flag or geographical borders.
  • ay ay ay, i made a new design, and can not upload it, fecks sake
    • Hi. DC said we needed to rate your entries so you could have a chance to upload, so we did. Try uploading one more time.


  • Dear Contest Holder, If you could kindly comment on my entry #22, I'd really appreciate it. I'm open to advice and changes to meet your likings :) I have more designs to upload soon. Thank you
    • Hi DesignerK. Thank you, but this is not what we're looking for. Please read the comments to give you an idea.

  • #21 perhaps they ought to make this the new coat of arms of Ukraine :) great work there, the signs of love and peace integrated into the national symbol, thank you! could you please submit 2-3 more designs with the same image, but in different proportions? Try changing the following: symbol to flag proportion (both ways - slightly smaller and slightly larger, out of the borders), image (symbol+flag+stars) on the t-shirt - make slightly smaller. Use ALL CAPS for slogan and lowercase Ñ” in the hashtag. Also, move the whole text down a little, so there is more air :) And please show an option with the black t-shirt mockup. Thanks!
  • Spy
    Hello dear Contest Holder, Please have a look at my proposals, #18 #19 and #20 Any thoughts and comments would be welcomed.
    • Spy, thank you for your involvement! #18 is a bit too mathematical, with too many elements to the inequality to solve it at a glance :) #20 - same thing, too much going on; we're asking for a minimalistic design. #19 great idea with the frame there - this is the best of the three. try slightly different positioning of the elements, and use all caps for the slogan - "УКРАЇНА ЦЕ ЄВРОПА". Also, see my reply to Andrei's comment

  • Design #36 Here is a simple design with a strong message, it is europe with ukraine in it and they are all together embracing peace!if you need anything on the design please let me know.
    • Thank you, that's a good one! Get rid of the coat of arms, though. Everything else is good.

  • And another one is #39. Thanks for feedback. Andrei
    • Again, the elements are fine, but text is cramped by the image

  • #47 Hope you like my another entry! Please leave feedback on it! kingcap^^
    • Thank you for the entry, but that's Wikipedia's logo there :) Not really what we need.

  • Spy
    Dear CH, I've just uploaded 3 new revisions and I have 5 more. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to upload more because of my low level in the site (I'm new here and my level is still low) until I reach next level. I don't know If there's any way to overcome this...
    • Spy

      OK, I've managed to upload 2 more as I've just been upgraded one level... ;)

  • #54, OriginalPixel, this is a good example of 'be creative' - completely opposite to what we asked for, but really good nontheless. Wow! I like the anarchist spirit of this t-shirt. We'll consider this one. Could you make something with the similar feel?
    • |--|

      theeuromaidaner {*wrote*}:
      #54, OriginalPixel, this is a good example of 'be creative' - completely opposite to what we asked for, but really good nontheless. Wow! I like the anarchist spirit of this t-shirt. We'll consider this one. Could you make something with the similar feel?
      |--| thanks man.. don't worry I'm working to make it better and give you a new design

    • Spy


      theeuromaidaner {*wrote*}:
      #54, OriginalPixel, this is a good example of 'be creative' - completely opposite to what we asked for, but really good nontheless. Wow! I like the anarchist spirit of this t-shirt. We'll consider this one. Could you make something with the similar feel?
      |--| I really don't understand why you give the greatest rating (up to now) to this design (which I really like and is great!) while at the same time reply to another designer this: "you're using too much imagery on one t-shirt :) What we're looking for is mimimalism."

    • we were expecting that question :) there's a difference between cramped design where elements are randomly tossed in and hardly fit together, and a design with many elements arranged into what actually *alludes* to something. this isn't cooking pancakes where you throw all the ingredients in one bowl, stir, cook and serve. here every detail makes a difference.

  • #53 , Here's my final and 3rd entry! Hopefully you like this one better than the other two! ( #6 , #14 ) I took what you told me in mind! If there's anything you want me to change please let me know and ill fix it for a new final product! - Kind regards Alex
    • Alex, a Zen circle is a good idea! But then again, you're using too much imagery on one t-shirt :) What we're looking for is mimimalism. Leave a circle of stars, a Zen circle, and the text. Swap the hashtag and the slogan. The slogan should be bigger (the size of євромайдан as it is now), and all caps. The hashtag should have a # sign.

    • can you withdraw an entry in order to be able to enter again?

  • #49 we'd like to see that on a t-shirt mockup, please
  • #45 thank you for the entry, this is good, but make the font more bold and solid, make #євромайдан into a hashtag, and take everything off the sleeves
  • #40 Asimov, thank you for the entry, this is excellent! See if you can add a subtle yellow-and-blue vyshyvanka decor around the collar - I think that would make it complete. And make the whole print just a tiny bit smaller.