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I am satisfied with all the amazing art that got submitted. I am happy to now know so many talented artists that I hope to hire for future projects!

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Winning design #52 by GJR, T-shirt Design for UnderDawg Gaming Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GJR

Project description

My name is Trey and I want to start a clothing line. If this ends up being a success, I would love to continue working with some of you in the future. This is the first design I had in mind. It centers around the “Continue?” screen for fighting games. Design an awesome character that is down but not defeated. You can include text, but if so, keep it subtle. The character and their pose should be the main draw of the image. Please do not use an existing character from games or other fiction. Create an original character in an awesome pose (possibly an abstract background). I want the design to be fairly complex with a fun background that blends nicely with the character. The goal is to make shirts that people want to wear, even if they aren’t fans for the genre. Let’s see what we can make happen! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me: underdawggaming@gmail.com

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  • I did these changes in half hour so its quite rough for now. #83
  • Hello, ch @underdawggaming
    Please check my updated design, if you need a change feel free to contact me.



    DavArt. #76
  • This may be too detailed for a shirt, but would definitely be perfect for a poster! Would you be interested in future projects like that as well? #69
    • @underdawggaming https://www.artstation.com/artwork/v1xgkY stolen artwork

  • You did not paint this. And it is not your original design. I saw the character on pinterest last week. I think the brief clearly said to create an original character. This one is stolen. #69
  • I really love the layout of your design! It might not fit the criteria for this contest, but I would love to add it to the clothing line later! Do you have an email I can reach you at? #60
  • I really love this! Definitely a contender for 1st place! #57
  • I love it! The use of color is very smart! #52
  • Hello, ch @underdawggaming
    Please check and I am waiting for the feedback from you.



    DavArt. #72
  • ninja anime themed design #70
  • every night i make designs with my own hands #69
  • Please note that the image has been compressed. #67 And also if there is any questions, feel free to contact me.
  • 4 COLOR PRINT #66
  • I could remove the dog and add a weapon or something instead. #58
  • I made tons of options re: the background but didn't want to spam and post them all. #57
  • Fire characther #56
  • Dear
    here is my vision
    If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me.
    We are looking forward to your suggestions!
    All the best...
  • the new design @underdawggaming #49
  • About #44, @hengky_hks @underdawggaming
  • About #44, @hengky_hks @underdawg of course i make a new design, i hope you like
  • Please, let me know your view on this concept. Thanks :) #48