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Winning design #83 by Nicholle, T-shirt Design for UNprohibited Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Nicholle

Project description

UNprohibited is an apparel company focused on the support of further decriminalization and legalization of recreational cannabis use.  

For this design we're looking for an obvious marijuana leaf, but censored out in the blurry pixelated manor that's done on TV often.  The image needs to be high-res as it will likely be used blown up to full size on shirts.

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  • hello Ch Please Check my new proposal hope you like #97
  • Can you change the leaf to grey, and the company name to the green? Also, can we send you our logo to incorporate into it. We like the design aesthetic so far. #59
  • #78#77 Hi I specialize in textile design... Thank you
  • i hope to like this one ! #75
  • Hello Ch This is my new updates this is blurd #73
  • hope you like my Design CH #62
  • Kindy check this one Ch.. Hope you like this,, #52
  • Make the whole leaf blurred #40
  • hi ch i have new updated hope u like and any feedback if hve change
  • Thanks for rate my all design ,, kindly check my new update hope you like #23
  • Hello Ch This my new updated hope you like and feedback #21
  • getting closer! Look at yanmos on design by humans. Yanmos has a shirt titled inapropriate. That or something similar is what we are looking for. Our logo and name in the corner of t shirt.
  • hello CH This is my new updated hope you like #16
  • Kindly check this one hope you like #9
    • @7Dreams The leaf cannot be so noticeable. It has to be completely blurred out, yet decipherable

    • @unpro ok i will try my best

  • What do you think about #12 and #11? sir @unpro Anything need to improve? or change thanks.
  • The leaf cannot be so noticeable. It has to be completely blurred out, yet decipherable
  • Looking for it to be less obviously a marijuana leaf....something more pixilated much like something you'd see blurring out nudity on TV.
  • Pixelated on the left becoming unpixelated on the right to indicate legalization. #5