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Winning design #42 by Squewheet, T-shirt Design for upscale, laid back, Caribbean inspired t-shirt design Contest
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designed by Squewheet

Project description

Looking for a front pocket design with the name and an image on the back, palm tree or hammock possibly incorporate the phrase "Put The World Away For a Minute" or "Change your geography" SAMPLE, small image could be on sleeve or across lower back - you decide, a font similar to the one used on this site is how I picture the name, -

T shirts will be washed out look, sky blues, light green, washed grey , beige - screen printed

I do like the "washed" kind of look -
Image could also run up and down shirt back? just thinking... example

*** Just throwing idea out there - your the artists! Thank you

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  • Hi - Thanks for the entry. I like the fonts, could you make the image as a whole smaller? I dont care for the swoosh thing, would it be possible to incorporate a palm tree/hammock/coconut/iguana/sea turtle? not all just somthing and not averdone- I do like the simplicity and the colors as well as the aged look. I would like to print it on shirts that are very simialr to the green you used on the back and a pastel/sky blue, could you do some color revisions
  • Hi - Im not 100% on the half circle look, any other ideas? Maybe a little more island under the tree? maybe a donkey, like a silhouette - (really- there are lots of donkeys on st john)please see the orange shirt on this page for donkey idea, I like the fonts, I like the limited colors, I like the colors used BUT I would also like to print it on shirts that are very similar to the green you used on the back as well as a pastel/sky blue, could you do some color revisions. thanks
  • So I have changed the design to white-coral and I have tried it on different t-shirt colors- which work all fine! This yellow color of the t-shirt would be the 'GOLDENROD'. You can definitely use this single design on various t-shirt colors ;) Let me know if I can change something. Thanks!
  • To give us more uploads you just have to rate the designs and then in turn it ask us to improve on the design. And if you choose a design and want more color options then it shouldn't be that much of a problem since that its just a color change and not a whole design change. So I would make the changes for you easily. Also you can do a one on one with the designer that won and then you can ask for changes there. I will work on the designs that you asked for that you asked for. But before I do. I should have the design changes tomarrow. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Hi - I have some general question maybe you guys could answer. First , how do I add uploads... Sorry this is my first time here. Second, in the event I choose a design and want it in several colors is this something I discuss with the designer? how does that work? Thanks for any info- and I appreciate your efforts - its all good !
  • This is great for a womans shirt , once again I have "color issues" would it work say in white and coral? I could use the same colors on a yellow, heather grey or fucia/pink tank?
  • This is cool, as you mention, it would work with just the text as well, Im curious with color combinations shirts such as the colors I will use on this page are BAY, CHROME, DILLWEED and GOLDENROD
  • I like the 2 colors you did on this better - could you show me white and yellow or lime green on this color
  • Im really diggin these colors, if you could show me the back with them that we help, could you add the Donkey & birds back in, I will add additional uploads ... as soon as I figure out how :-)
  • I don't know if you like the hammock idea in general... just wanted to try this because you mentioned it. Regarding to my design #9 I also like the front very much, but I didn't want to give up the 'relaxing hammock' idea, so I place the text and objects differently. However, you can also leave only the text or the back blank. Tell me what you think Thanks!
  • As you requested with my first suggestion #8, I tried the one-color design, which looks pretty nice as well. I can do any colors you want- that's no problem at all.... I tried some and thought the lighter green would be nice together with the design. I also changed the palm tree to make the whole design look more kind of 'open'. Let me know if I can change anything, or if you have a color request Thanks!
  • Yeah, I thought the retro- grungy look would be nice, great you like it. I see your point of my first design #8, so I changed the colors- I think this will work now for men & women. I added some matching yellow color which gives the design a special look and depth. Just let me know if I can do more improvements. Thanks!
  • I have uploaded a few color choices for you. I choose just to use design #5 and then change the colors around to match the shirt colors you asked for. I thought I would add in two shirt color you asked for which are #11 & #10 and then I added in the solid color design you asked for with #13. #12 is not a shirt color you asked for but I thought I would show you something I came up with. I have made a few design that have 3 colors rather then just the two also. But anyway this can give you a idea of what color you might like and then If you like a certain color I can do the back design that way also. Hope you like and let me know if you want anything changed. Thanks, Squewheet Note: I would upload more but we are limited only 7 design uploads unless you give us more uploads.
  • I do like the front of this, not crazy about the back image
  • This is cool, I do like the colors better from the first pic, #1, but I guess it all depends on the color shirt its printed on,
  • I like this font BUT better with the donkey and birds (sorry - my bad)
  • I like this - retro looking, maybe feminine - But I could use it I like #8 as maybe a front for a womans Grey or Yellow tank... Would the designs work being printed in all one color?
  • Could you show me what colors you would suggest on #1, #7, #5, #2 on a specific color shirt? The shirts I intend to use can be seen here The colors I will use on this page are BAY, CHROME, DILLWEED and GOLDENROD Would any of the designs work being printed in all one color? on the above colors or even a gray or white shirt? Thanks again
  • I have made the changes that you asked for. I forgot to switch the back design to the right one on #6. On the shirt it shows the donkey but on the larger design it doesn't. Hope you like and if you want anything changed just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • I prefer the font in #2 and the "St John" where it was, with a comma between "St. John, Virgin Islands" Could I see it without the birds, maybe the donkey just a little smaller/thinner? MAybe even without the donkey? BTW- they all look really good, Thanks