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Winning design #6 by whitesky, T-shirt Design for Uranus Fudge Factory Contest
Gold Medal

designed by whitesky

Project description

We are looking for a design in a 3 color (or less) design

It must be in a vintage/retro style

It needs to have the feel of a vintage route 66 style design 
(you can google "Route 66 T shirts"  to get a better idea

You can visit our website to get a better idea of how we design stuff, but we really appreciate uniqueness in design

1. Large Text:  Uranus Fudge Factory
2. Medium text: The Best Fudge Comes from Uranus
3. Smaller Text:  Uranus Missouri
4. Smallest Text below #2: On Historic Route 66
5. Must be on black or gray background (background doesn't count as a color in the design)

Extras you could add
5. a retro vintage rocketship
6. Missouri 66 sign (see attached image)
7. a retro character
(similar as the ones here 

any questions, please ask

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  • About #55, @renalyngumanas

    no, "Uranus" is the most important part of the text. I would go back to the old design and just colorize the text "Fudge factory and maybe make it slightly larger
    • @BigOleLouie hi ch kindly check and feedback my designs #78 #77 #74 #73 #72 #75

  • hey sorry for the late submission, any feed back would be greatly appreciated. #76
  • kindly check this one CH Hope you like #72
  • About #71, @renalyngumanas hello CH kindly check my new submitted hope you like
  • thank you #68
  • thank you #67
  • About #65, @renalyngumanas Please Feedback my new uploade
  • thank you. I will add other designs. could I get some feedback on my other entry. thank you again!
  • I've found this design on other web? LOL ! #42
    • @PYNproject yes other web is my account,,, what name BdGuys

  • hello Contest Holder here your request.. Kindly check this one,, hope you like this,, #60
  • how about this one Ch hope you like #58
  • thanks for the feetback, made the changes! #52
  • I like this, except for the image of the buildings at the top #30
  • I would like to see the 2 women like on the other design . it would like like one is tell the other person the best fude comes from uranus.
    I think you would have a great design like that
  • I need the text "fudge factory: to stand out a bit more. either larger text or maybe add a color #49
  • I would made the route 66 logo in the original black and white and maybe stretch the "uranus missouri" above it a little longer #51
  • thought I could not harm to put a tiny bit female touch in here (so many obvious male designs!!)
    so manu another idea! #48
  • Hope you like it and tell me if you need anything more,
    Thanks, #45
  • Please check this and tell me if you need anything more. (The #43 is my mistake) #44
  • I make a new layout as your advice,
    Hope you like it and please tell me if you need anything more,

    Thanks, #43