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This design was exactly what we envisioned at our attempt to move the people of the City of Chicago toward God. The designer impressed us nit only through his creativity also through the explanation behind his version of our concept which equally matched the reason we started this contest. We would like to thank all the awesome and creative designers who made this contest a very difficult choice. We thank you and God Bless you all.

$200 paid

116 custom designs

31pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #91 by TP_Rentillo, T-shirt Design for Urban Fieldhouse Contest
Gold Medal

designed by TP_Rentillo

Project description

We would like to have a created design for a t-shirt that will encourage and inspire the people of the City of Chicago. We look for this t-shirt to inspire those who wear it to pray for peace and to encourage  to cease the violence that has negatively plagued and stereotyped our city and senselessly taken many innocent lives.  

Our vision is that the t-shirt reads "Let's Put God Back In Chicago" and we would like introduce it visually with a creative and clever design highlighting the  spelling of "CHICAGO" and inserting the name "GOD".  For example:  "ChicaGOD", "ChicaGoD", "CHICAGO+D = GOD"

Also we would like to include a biblical scripture that we feels also defines our design from 2 Chronicles 7:14 (KJV) "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land".  We would enjoy an equally creative and clever way for this scripture to be displayed on the t-shirt either on the front or back of the shirt. 

We would like our t-shirt design in a style to be worn by men. women and children sized shirts. Also by all demographics of people  which is a fun eye catching, stylish and a faith based piece of apparel. 

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  • hi CH. this is my revision of my design. #115
  • Is it possible to take the accent curves off of the letter I and the letter G please #109
  • about #113 #112 #111
    colour abble tobe change on this design consept
  • the model image are copyrights but rest of image create by me #108
  • Respected sir & madam

    please find the attached #107
  • About #68, @TP_Rentillo Hi, good day. If you have time left to see this. I have my final revision. Front and Back. Could you please see entry #106. Thanks a lot and May God bless us all :)
  • About #103, @ThemesClouds

    please see the design
  • About #103, @ThemesClouds

    please see the design
  • About #68, @TP_Rentillo hi i have also other revision, Please see entry #100. Font of Chica is like blood, the blood of our Holy God. I hope you like this new revision. God bless and more power.
  • REVISION---option3 using a "PEACE" symbol....to replace the "O" in GOD.... #97
  • Revision---option3 #96
  • REVISION option2....this one is a more bold font...,please also check my first revision...the one with a "cross inside the O"...in GOD..thanks #95
  • About #86, @ThemesClouds

    Please check and let me know any other changes
  • About #68, @TP_Rentillo hi, Sorry for late response. I was in the church earlier. I read your comments and I was thankful that you've like it. I have another revision. Please see entry #91. I add cross in small letter "o" in ChicaGod and it has color yellow which means gold in heaven. And i added color brown reminds of the cross. And I follow the order of the people. Hope you like it. Thanks
  • REVISION-----Cross inside the letter "O" in GOD..., #90
  • hi CH, this is another revision of my design. #88
  • About #87, @ThemesClouds

    please check and let me know any changes
  • Hi CH. this is my revision of my previous design. #84