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We entered the contest as a trial. we are very pleased with the results. It was fun and the designers were great! DesignContest staffers were very supportive through the process too.

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Winning design #76 by MINAH, T-shirt Design for Urban Paw Contest
Gold Medal

designed by MINAH

Project description

Matching pet and owner tees that say "Who Rescued Who?". Demonstrating our commitment to pet adoptions and the benefits of pet ownership. Utilizing the logo design, color and feel of the brand. We want a tee that someone would wear because it's cool not because what it says.

Mission Statement : Urban Paw is passionate about improving the lives of pets and the people that own them. We believe the products you use for your pet are an essential foundation for their lives, providing the basis for better behavior and better health. We are a socially-driven company that focuses on raising awareness about shelter adoption opportunities. Our goal is to join pet to person, and help educate owners to form a lasting, meaningful connection with your pet.

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  • move logo to sleeve and the question to the bottom of the graphic #78
    • @mary1 i want to submit :)

    • @mary1 LIKE YOU said i change design and i correct everything please let me submit my work and Thank you

  • Hello CH I specialize in textile design

    (( bandage / heal / heart ))

    I hope you like #105
  • bigger version #97
  • bigger version #96
  • move the logo to the sleeve. Who rescued who and the ? mark need to be smaller and cooler across bottom #78
  • Please provide feedback. #91
  • This is a bit smaller graphic. #87
  • thanks for the feedback. this my new design. #83
  • hope i am on the right track.
  • Thank you for your feedback. that really helpful. if you anything want to change the design give me comment i will fix it.

    Thank You. #77
  • Hi, here it is , I also made some modifications... #71
    • @MINAH Oh black T-shirt...OK :)

  • move logo to sleeve, dark or black tee #68
  • Last day!1!! We want our logo on the sleeve. Teeshirt must be black or grey. Who Rescued who? is too much on most designs.
  • move the question to the bottom and logo to the sleeve. graphic to big but love it #64
    • Thank you for rating. OK.
      About #64, @mary1

  • take question and put below image. logo to the sleeve #43
    • ok.About #43, @mary1

  • liking it. can you move the Who? to the bottom and the logo to the sleeve.
  • we are favoring this design so far. look at my comments today. we would love to see what you do. #43
    • @mary1 Thank you very much :)

  • Hi, @mary1!
    My entry #59. Some feedback from you would be great. Thank you for attention & best regards
  • just an example in a black t shirt #56
  • love the look but it does not connect to animal rescue at all. look at what i posted today