US Flag/Bill of Rights t-shirt design

This was my second contest and after learning off the mistakes of that one, this ran much more smooth. I'll continue to use Design Contest.


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Winning design #34 by DixielandDesign, T-shirt Design for US Flag/Bill of Rights t-shirt design Contest
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designed by DixielandDesign

Project description

This design will be the text of the US Bill of Rights in the shape of a flag with the colors of the US flag overlayed onto the text. The font should be Jefferson or another that closely resembles the font used in the actual Bill of Rights. It will most likely be 26 lines long with the right half of lines 1 and 2 being in red, the right half of lines 3 and 4 being in white, the right half of lines 5 and 6 being red, and so on. The text "Amendment" and it's corresponding roman numeral should be in bold so as to stand out slightly from the rest of the text. The transcript of the text can be found here (

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  • ACD
    To All Designers. The text should start with Amendment I.
  • ACD
    The demensions of the blue field look off. "Bill of Rights" at the top isn't neccessary. The spacing needs to be improved, no gaps.
  • ACD
    I like the font you used and that you went with a horizontally facing flag. I also like that you didn't start each amendment on a new line and just continued them right after the previous one ended. The extra stars above and below are too much and I'd prefer a more consistent width instead of the widening or 'angled' look.
  • ACD
    As much as I like the look of this, I don't think it quite captures what I'm going for. However, I do think this would look pretty awesome on a shirt without the text.
  • ACD
    Like entries #4 and #5 I like the improved spacing on the letters and words. I was unsure if this design could work on a white t-shirt, but this is a great attempt and I now realize that it probably could work.
  • ACD
    Like entry #4 I like the improved spacing of the letters and words.
  • ACD
    I like the improved spacing of the letters and words as well as the inclusion of the "stars" in the blue field.
  • ACD
    This entry is way off. From a distance the image should look like the US flag. The text should only include the ten amendments starting with Amendment I. Please see the other entries to get a better understanding of the project.
  • Submitted new designs #4 and #5 with modified font, please give your rating and feedback. thanks
  • I did design #17 and #18... the revision has USA in it. I know you didn't ask for it but wanted you to see how it looked with it. (This is my first design contest entry)
  • ACD, I am really enjoying working on this project, I have revised #8 using your feedback. I have submitted 2 versions #13 which is straight forward and Starting at amendment I as you requested, #14 I added a waving effect Still maintaining the left and right side sizes as you requested. Thank you for your consideration, Please let me know if you would like to see any other revisions.
  • Hi ACD~ I created a couple designs for your consideration: #11 and #12 I did a horizontal layout and a vertical layout of the flag to see which you prefer. I created to have somewhat of a retro look which resembles the actual Bill of Rights to see if you like that look. Each Amendment is bolder and a little larger in point size so that it stands out. Hope you like the concept. Kind Regards, PaintedPony
  • ACD, Thank You for your kind words. In Entry #27, I made the revisions you were asking for. I redid the stars to shape them better and I also added a Distress look to the stars to help them blend a bit more with the overall design. I removed the Blue stroke and I agree it make the word look much better, that stroke did take away from the Blue letters. Thank You for the opportunity and please let me know if I can made any further revisions to this design to better fit your vision. Thank You DixielandDesign
  • Hi ACD~ Thanks for the feedback and ratings. I revised so that the flag doesn't look aged and created in both horizontal and vertical layouts for your review. I gave several color options for the shirt of white, black and grey: #21 #22 #23 #24 #25 #26 has somewhat of a painted effect to see if you like. Hope you like the concepts. Thanks so much, PaintedPony
  • ACD
    Another note. When the US flag is displayed in the vertiacle position, the blue field with stars should be on the left hand side.
  • ACD
    This design as well as #18 both have the incorrect number of stripes.
  • ACD
    From a distance this looks pretty cool, but up close it looks a little weird. The combination of the rectangular layout of the text with the wavy colors of the flag don't work very well. I think the color and text would either both have to be wavy or not, but not both.
  • ACD
    I like the improvements. This is almost what I envisioned when I first thought up this project. The stars still seem a little off. They stand out a little too much over the rest of the design, from a distance. I'm not really sure how this obsticle can be overcome but I'd like to see them blend in better with the rest of the design. Something else I think I might prefer, would be to have no blue border around the stars because I think they block out some of the text.
  • ACD
    I appreciate the attempt at trying something a little different while still trying to capture the idea of the project, but I don't think this is what we're looking for.
  • ACD
    The design is done well and I like the worn faded look to it. I just don't know if it's quite what I'm looking for