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Winning design #28 by RotesDesign, T-shirt Design for VeeV Bartender T-Shirt Contest
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designed by RotesDesign

Project description

T-shirt for VeeV, The World's First Acai Spirit We are an eco-friendly spirits company and our cocktails are based on fresh, natural and seasonal ingredients. We lean towards "eco-lux" so we like simple and clean designs. Our main initiative with these shirts is to make VeeV synonymous with “superfruit Cocktails” The shirt will be worn by VeeV bartenders working at high-end VeeV sponsored events, private parties and food festivals. Shirts will be white. Men are crew neck, women will have v-neck so design must fit for both cuts. Must haves: The phrase "Summer of the Superfruit" VeeV logo can go on the front or back. Design needs to be on the front center chest area as the bar covers the lower half the bartender's body most of the time. Keep to 1-2 colors Please submit a file that can be used silk screening. Look and Feel: superfruit fresh natural organic full of life luxury innovative To get a sense of our brand please visit:

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  • #11 - Design based on style you currently have, Can be made 2 colors for entire print if i alter the logo. Colors: dark green/light green Or can be other colors/more colors if preferred. On a side note, the files on dropbox did not open correctly, is it possible you can put it in a zipped folder first. I think the code on dropbox is messing with the files. Thanks :)
  • Entrie-4-AlexBanaga Hey Can you tell me if you like design or if there can be any changes you might like ? Thanks!
  • @cyanmatt, great question. It's going to be screen printed. @rotesdesign, you can find .eps, ai. and .jpg files of our logo here: Let me know if there's any other assets you want! Cheers!
  • some great ideas, but I have to know how you wanna produce your shirts. Digital 4C printing or do you wanna do a silk screen process printing? It's important to creat the right for you... greez cyanmatt
  • Do you maybe still have the Vector based file of the logo ?
  • Hey can you tell me how you like design #44? thanks :)
  • Hye CH, I'm glad you like my Design and thnx for the rating. i will come up with some variations to see if you like those more. i'll also try to come up with a design to put on the back.
  • I uploaded entries #18 and #36 which are versions of the previous shirt on a white shirt instead of black(like #8), number 18 is a brighter green on the tree than number 36, that is the only difference. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
  • Our shirts will be white as mentioned in our brief. If you have this design on a white shirt, we'd love to see it! Cheers.
  • We like that the "Summer of the Superfruit" message is king. The design is clean and simple, but still lively.
  • We like that it's clean, simple and to the point.
  • Hi All and thank you for all your entries! We won't be able to comment on every single design specifically, but we will mark some of the ones we believe are going in the right direction for this contest. Thank you!
  • Dear VeeV, Here are my entries #34 front view, and #35 rear view. I tried to come up with a design that was modern, fresh and something the bar staff would like to wear. The cocktail glass is filled with a representation of fresh green fruit and acai berries. The logo is on the sleeve and the nape of the neck, and in the front design in a very subtle manner. Kind regards, Liz
  • i started making my desing with the idea of making something fresh/modern. This is my end result #28 let me know if you like it or not. or if you want me to change things about it.
  • Can You Tell Me If #27 IS What Your Looking for ? Thanks alot
  • There are spelling mistakes in my design #17 and #19, so I send design #21 and #22 which has been repaired thanks.
  • Dear VeeV, Design #13 is my first concept for your t-shirt design. I wanted to keep the design very minimal and sleek, with natural accents as you requested in your brief. This concept plays off of simple lines, creating a subtle and unique graphic. There are only two colors used in this design, dark gray and forest green. I also changed the colors in the logo to a simple two-color palette. If you would like to see any changes please let me know! Sincerely, Marleighna Claunch Claunch Design Studio
  • Tell me what you want me to change and i'll upload a jpeg as fast as possible and then you can tell me if it's ok that way or not.
  • no problem just tell me what you need. i'll try to do it as soon as possible, really happy you chose my design first one i won.
  • Hi RotesDesign, Congrats! We still love your original design. Any chance we can make a few tweaks to it? Thanks!