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Winning design #25 by 7AW, T-shirt Design for Vikings FFA Contest
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designed by 7AW

Project description

Our school system mascot is the Vikings (Viking Head Art 1Viking Head Art 2 ).  We are several FFA chapters (National FFA Website) from different schools in the same school system.  We always have t-shirts made for our student members.  This year I want to try having a design created instead of attempting to come up with a design myself for a screen printer.  The focus of our organization is premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education and the National FFA organization and the FFA motto is "Learning to do, Doing to Learn, Learning to live, Living to serve".  Open to any ideas surrounding the themes of Vikings and FFA.  One focus of the school system is promoting "One Lowndes," our school system name.  Since we have several school FFA chapters and we work together often, I like the idea of "One Lowndes, One FFA."  

A lot of FFA chapter t-shirts are, for lack of better words, rural and country.  While our FFA organization was founded  in and based on promoting agricultural education, we are not just about farming and livestock animals.  I'd like to stay away from narrow-minded designs that can be stereotypical.  
Idea 1 - I like their 2014-2015 shirt (most of it).  I really like the idea of a viking in a FFA jacket.  I don't care for the "PRIDE" part.  Maybe for the back the viking in a jacket with "One Lowndes. One FFA" stated boldly either above or below him.  Then on the front "Vikings FFA" with the FFA emblem (FFA emblem art).  

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  • Here's another design like #3 (also by me) but with a black t-shirt :) #20
  • About #3, @ppar_n I like the viking head and the stripes on the shirt.
    • @annataylor Thank you for your feedback, if there are any rooms for improvement or any slight changes to be made, please feel free to tell me for those little changes to be made.

  • About #7, @meformylove I like this design for a logo but I'm not sure about for a t-shirt.
    • About #7, @annataylor Ma'am, the design is good... i could change the colors. The one that i submitted was in gold color that symbolizes honor.

    • About #7, @meformylove Ma'am, thank you so much for your comment.

  • Contest Holder Ma'am, i am submitting again my other design. Hope that you will like it. Just make a comment for it. Thank you! #15
  • About #12, @ngontesdc can you change the "Vikings FFA" to "Lowndes FFA Chapters"? I just want to see what it would look like. Also are there any other t-shirt colors you think this design would look good on?
  • About #12, @ngontesdc I REALLY like this design!
  • #11 #11
  • Contest Holder, thank you for inviting me in your contest. I am submitting my design. I am looking forward for your positive response. Thank you! #7
  • Hope you like this design :) #3
  • About #2, @zwdezign

    Thanks! Looks good. I'd like to see a couple more comparisons.
    Can you add "Lowndes High. Lowndes Middle. Pine Grove Middle. Hahira Middle." under the bottom black line on the front? It can be with dashes between each school name if you think that looks better than the periods.
    Can we try this viking head instead ( I'm not sure the image is clear enough or if you can flip the head to be facing the correct way. There's also this one ( And this one ( I'm trying to find one that most closely resembles our school art or our coat of arms art but looks more like it fits on the body.
  • I really like this! Can we change the letter-mans jacket to a FFA jacket? I'll post a picture. #1
    • About #1, @annataylor I'll see what I can do

    • About #1, @annataylor

      Like this but a viking instead of a bulldog