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Winning design #17 by amrendra.design, T-shirt Design for We Are The Davises Contest
Gold Medal

designed by amrendra.design

Project description

I am looking for a t-shirt design that has a mermaid with very full hair. Still looks pretty but fits the slogan "Mermaid Hair Don't Care". The slogan should be on the shirt. I like the Simply Southern style of artwork. The T-shirt color will be a peach color. I want the design on the back with room for our name across the bottom. Font for our name is being done by others. Target age for design is 8-14 years old so the mermaid should be a young girl with a cartoon look. Bright colors are desired.

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  • About #17, @amrendra.design Perfect! Done
  • Hi! I have no idea about SalayaJobert's skin color. But I think this skin color will go with this design. Still if you want any correction I am ready to do that :) Thanks #16
    • About #16, @amrendra.design This is almost perfect! Is there a way I can send you a picture showing an example of the skin? It's very close. Thank you!

    • About #16, @admin26 Okay. I added a picture in my brief section to show an example of the skin tone. If we can change the eye shadow to either match the tail or shirt and make the starfish in her hair more of the yellow and orange colors (no red). This should make it complete.

  • I hope you like it. :D #13
  • New Design #11
  • another option for your consideration... #10
  • About #3, @goranjt Thank you for your response. I will do my best to do a new version
  • this is the full image. please rate thanx #9
  • hi check out my design. MHDC #8
  • This is very nice. Thank you for your submission.
  • Beautiful colors. The image is a little mature for our age group. Thank you for your submission. #3
  • Dear CH, please check my design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #4
  • About #2, @amrendra.design We love this look! It is youthful and cute.
  • Mermaid Design 1 #3