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Winning design #18 by amrendra.design, T-shirt Design for We Are The Davises Contest
Gold Medal

designed by amrendra.design

Project description

I am updating the description to emphasize that we are interested in an ocean/ surf design that looks weathered/ grunge and has our name "WE ARE THE DAVISES" either above and below the artwork or somewhere around the artwork. I would like to put the effort into the artwork of the picture. I like the font style from the O'Neill shirt attached below.  This will be for boys. Thanks

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  • About #18, @amrendra.design Love it! Done.
  • Hi, I work with skateboard and board graphic and this is my idea for your brand. #19
  • The designs are creative. at this point we are looking for something that focuses on a cool picture and our name goes around it but does not dominate the shirt. A picture that is artistic with a weather/ grunge look to it. This one could be a good one if the color was reversed on the picture so there was no square and we had Davises on the bottom under the artwork. #11
  • Greetings! Hello sir please let me know for any corrections.Thank you
  • Hope you will like this design. Thanks #8
  • Let me know if you want any correction in this design. Thanks #7
  • About #5, @amrendra.design This is nice. Is there a way to add "THE" to our name? I like this design with the surf theme. Is there anything you can do to bring the design down the shirt more? Make it longer so it covers some of the lower half as well. Thank you! Your designs are great!
    • @admin26 Thanks for appreciation, I will definitely modify this design.

  • This is on the right track. Can you add some waves in the middle or something surf related? We are a beach family. I like the style of this shirt! The font is cool. #1