Western Hunter

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Project description

We want to use the two images that are attached to create a new t-shirt. 

The shirt can use the front, back and sleeves. We want something really creative and cool looking. Our company is a hunting/outdoor company. So the look should be rugged and adventurous. 

You can also add other design features to the shirt. 

The shirt must include the logo and the image of the man. You can change the colors, but not the font or the shape of the man. You can use outlines instead of full color though, if it looks cool. 

Other details: 

You can delete the piece of ground next to the man's feet. 
You can stack or move around the Western Hunter logo. 
You can use just the W and H of the logo to create an icon somewhere on the shirt if you want. 

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  • hope you like it sir ,, #87
  • needs feedback, thanks #86
  • great western hunter! #83
  • here it is your t shirt design
    i hope you like it.
  • how about this one sir ,, #77
  • sir can you please make this contest blind ? thank you
  • bismillah #74
  • Thanks for comment.
    I have submitted a revised design for preview,
    Regards. #72
  • Hi @denhamcm #71 This is the revision for my #30 design. I hope you like it, please let me know if you want some more request to it. Anyway thanks for your previous feedbacks, I really appreciate it..
    Thank you. #71
  • In color 'orange' #69
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Thank you for your review. Color is now changed to 'red' . Please do let me know if there's any more changes you would like to see. Thank you. #68
  • I like the creativity here, but our customers won't like the blue color. Can we try red or orange with the same concept? #60
  • I like this, but I'd like to see the logo worked into the design a little more if possible.
  • I like the concept of the compass, but can we use it a little more discreetly? It would be cool to work the compass into the design in a less obvious way.
  • Hope you like it. Do let me know if any feedback :) #61
  • Hope you like my design :) #59
  • my third #43
  • my second #42
  • my first. #41
  • any feedback for #37 #38 please? would be good options
    thank you