What the Ruff! Tshirt design

RockPumpkin did a wonderful job with our design. We love it and can't wait to use it on our Tshirts. We find designContest the perfect venue for creative development!

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Winning design #48 by RockPumpkin, T-shirt Design for What the Ruff! Tshirt design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by RockPumpkin

Project description

Please create a tshirt design that incorporates the words "What the Ruff!" The text (letters) should be developed using paw prints. Please make the top portion of the exclamation point of "What the Ruff!" in paw prints while utilizing the Gracie Bay logo for the 'dot' of the exclamation point. Text color of "What the Ruff!" should be black except Gracie Bay logo for the 'point' of the exclamation point. Uploaded files: Logo and an example of how a tshirt design was created using one main image building the picture (fish image used to create a palm tree). This treatment is what I would like using paw prints to create the words "What the Ruff!".

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  • Thank you for the designs. It images you both uploaded are not very clear. My preference is to not have a circle around the logo.
  • Thank you for you're comment and I'll change it as soon as possible.
  • Thank you for the design. Can you please flip the exclamation point so Gracie Bay is on the bottom. Thank you
  • Meant to write "please remove the flowers and "seek fun" text
  • This is an unexpected surprise. This is not what I had in mind but it is very cool. Can you please the flowers and "seek fun" . We plan on putting "seek fun" on the sleeve.
  • Hello Chris Im sorry for the delay but I have fix the design and I added "seek fun" on the sleeve.
  • @Chris, thanks for the feedback... here is my revision using the 'Gracie Bay' font.. im open for any changes.. thanks again!
  • Hi Manila. This design is very nice thank you. Can you do a version using the 'Gracie Bay' font? I think the font is called 'little pot'
  • Please review my updated draft entry #41 Chris. Fixed the "F's", reposition and revised the exclamation point and repositioned the image logo as requested. Thank you. Looking forward to your response. Godbless
  • I really like this design. Can you pleae make a couple revisions: 1. remove the gracie bay logo from the exclamation point and replace with a 'dot' 2) please put a little space between the exclamation point and the 'F'. 3) can you try to put gracie's face (no text) real small to replace the paw print you have in the bottom part of the 'U' 4) I know this is the font but can you make the "F's" look more lke "F's" move the second line of the "F" down a bit? Thanks!
  • Hi Thanks for the design. Can you please remove the paw prints and 'Gracie Bay". Please move "What the Ruff!" closer below her face. Thank you!
  • @CH: Good day! Please check my entries #32 - #35. Please let me know what you think so i can further enhance or revise my entry. Looking forward to your response. Thank you and Godbless
  • Hi, can you please remove "Seek Fun" from both sleeves? Thanks a bunch
  • #48 added a minor enhancement on the logo. please compare from my previous entry to see the minor difference. Thank you
  • design files uploaded Chrisbeach. please check and let me know if its all ok. Thank you
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH for choosing my design as the winner Chris. Its my first contest here actually. Please wait for the final files. i will finalize it first so i can provide the proper formats. Thank you! Godbless
  • Oh, i see. In this case (to purchase my design too), you can start a one-on-one project from this link http://www.designcontest.com/one-on-one/project-start?designer=hanami . Thank you very much.
  • We like this design for children without the "What the Ruff" text. For our objectives for this contest we are choosing #48 as the winner but would like to purchase your design too.
  • i made the paw marks go all the way to the bottom of the shirt...................
  • what do you think? we can change colors and layout