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Winning design #82 by sjkelly07, T-shirt Design for Wilderness Athlete T-Shirt Contest
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designed by sjkelly07

Project description

WE WILL PURCHASE MULTIPLE DESIGNS IF WE GET GREAT ONES :) We are looking for a very cool t-shirt to add to our store. Our brand makes nutritional products for outdoor athletes. Our customers are hunters, backpackers, mountain bikers, snowboarders, trail runners, etc. We want something "badass"! There are several taglines you can use. They include: "The Authority on Outdoor Performance Nutrition" "Where's Your Wilderness" We'd prefer if at least one of these lines is used in the design. We would like the design to incorporate some sort of outdoor look and feel, but if the design is killer, we really don't care what it looks like (but we really like mountains). PLEASE LOOK AT OUR WEBSITE AT www.wildernessathlete.com to learn about the look and feel of our brand. Please also use our logo in the t-shirt design. IDEAS 1. We like the idea of using a Jeremiah Johnson type character on the shirt. See attached images or google "Jeremiah Johnson" 2. We like the idea of the shirt looking like it's ripped open, with our logo underneath. See the attached screen shots of the Superman t-shirt and the skeleton t-shirt. (We don't want to see bones, just the Wilderness Athlete logo or something cool!) 3. Be creative with word placement- we like shirts with words on the shoulders, the lower back, around the neck, etc. The cooler the better. 4. We like the vintage looking Superman shirt (attached). Maybe a shirt with just the WA letters on the front (attached "wa.jpg") and the word's "Where's your Wilderness?" or "Wilderness Athlete" on the back, across the top. Just have fun with this and come up with a really awesome design. If we like more than one we will buy multiple designs!

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  • I like this one. I still would prefer if the mountains were just outlines. I don't like that the mountains are in a box. Maybe just the peaks could be outlined underneath the logo?
    • Thanks for the feedback CH, Sure, I´ll work on it. Best regards.

  • A little too busy. There are mountains and camo, which is distracting. I would prefer it with no camo, and maybe just an outline of mountains.
  • Not really what we are looking for. How would this fit on the t-shirts?
  • I'm excited about this contest and will be sure to have you some designs to choose from soon.
  • Looks great!
  • The hands look like an alien.
  • Could we see some design with the paint in different colors? Maybe red or the blue of our logo?
    • you mean change the color of the t-shirt or the design ??

    • The design, the splattered paint.

    • i will work on it when i back to my working place and u will see them with other designs by tomorow

  • Could we see it on a t-shirt? I like the idea.
    • its on a t-shirt in another design but with defrent colors , and i will put it on a t-shirt

  • Hello CH, I submitted entry #11 and I would very much appreciate some feedback and possibly a rating, thank you.
  • Hello! I have submitted #8 and would appreciate any thoughts/feedback. Thank you!
  • I really like the concept, but it would have to be a little less busy. Love the mountains and the abstract idea. Maybe less splatter and bigger words so the "Wilderness Athlete" is more readable.
  • Hi. Please check # 32 and tell me your opinion. I did front and back. Thanks.
  • hello check #29 and my other designs , hope u like them
  • I like the idea, but it's a little too busy. Maybe if it were just the WA without the slogan and everything (that could go on back). Like I said, I like the concept.
  • About #22 #25 & #26: Hello denhamcm, I have made a few designs for you. On #22 I just made a simple design with a MTN with a word that describes being out in the Back Country. Then I put Wilderness Athlete underneath it in smaller letters. On #25 I found a picture on your blog with a guy with some moose antlers...so made a simple silhouette of one of the antlers and then copied/flipped it then I put your logo in between it. Then I took the MTN design from teh first one and put it below your logo. Then I put the words Back Country above it and established below it. On #26 I read that you would like a picture of Jeremiah Johnson incorporated somehow in the design. So I made a vector face of him and then I added the MTN from the previous designs and then I added your name "Wilderness Athlete" & the word "Exploration". And then I added some effects to the wording and then I added the words since 1972 because the Jeremiah Johnson movie was filmed in 1972. Hope you like the designs and if you would like to see anything change just let me know. Feedback is Welcomed! Thanks, Squewheet Note: I designed All of these to be cost effective on printing.
  • Hi CH, Please find my entries #42 , #43 , #44 , #49 , #50 , #51. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • Please check out design 54. Its quite different than all the others.
  • Hello! please check #53 hope you like it. my option is front and back, thanks!!
  • I like this, could we see it on a real t-shirt?
    • Hi CH, Thank you for your feedback please find entries #63 , #64 , #65 , #72 , #73 on real t-shirts as requested. Regards SJK

  • You're on the right track, but I don't like the cursive writing.