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Winning design #40 by AlexHoflin, T-shirt Design for www.PuzzleMaster.ca Contest
Gold Medal

designed by AlexHoflin

Project description

We want a contemporary t-shirt design that will promote our website and products it sells, www.PuzzleMaster.ca. The T-shirts will be printed by "Digital Direct To Document" process. Do not put jigsaw related items on the design as we do not sell very many of them. To help you understand our company here are some of our better sellers. http://www.puzzlemaster.ca/browse/wire/metal/all/ http://www.puzzlemaster.ca/browse/wire/wirepuzzlemaster/all/ http://www.puzzlemaster.ca/browse/cubepuzzle/all/ Leon Stein

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  • 1. Would it be OK if I use your website's photos? 2. What color is the shirt? 3. Do you need front and back design? Thank you.
    • 1. Yes you can use our logo. But also make sure our website address is included. 2. The shirt color will be white 3. If possible it would be great to have the front and back. But if only one can be done that is fine too. Leon

  • The changes look great. My brother likes this design best of your designs. I like #19 design where you added a gray area behind the puzzle. Can you change this design using a metal puzzle instead of a wood puzzle. If yes please use one (or all of them) of the following puzzles: http://www.puzzlemaster.ca/browse/wire/metal/7153-cast-cylinder http://www.puzzlemaster.ca/browse/wire/metal/7019-cast-delta http://www.puzzlemaster.ca/browse/wire/metal/7387-cast-twist Leon
    • actually working with a puzzle metallic graphics is better. I did see the different versions to my co-workers, and everyone likes. I think I want it for me :)

    • I like this. My brother would like if you could try the shirt that had the banner with the puzzle, Cast Cylinder http://www.puzzlemaster.ca/browse/wire/metal/7153-cast-cylinder Leon

    • Oops I meant Cast Twist - http://www.puzzlemaster.ca/browse/wire/metal/7387-cast-twist

    • Unfortunately, the design has been removed for reasons that still have not understood. Someone reported my work as a "copy" but of course I am limited to vectorize a wooden puzzle from an image, in fact, the graphics of the wooden puzzle is not an image but rather a vector! with regard to the new version with the cast twist, today we are working on!

  • About #6 , Can i have some feedback on my entry please! Thanks! - Alex
    • Hi Alex, I really like you design, so far it is one of the best. The only issue is that the zz in Puzzle look like ss. Please try a different font so this is clearer. I like where you put the website address. The font in the website is good as it is easy to read. What would you suggest for the back of the shirt? I look forward to seeing any new designs that you post. Leon

    • Hi Alex, I cannot see your artwork in the contest any more. Did you take it off. If not could you repost it as it was one the better ones. Leon

  • can you also try this with a puzzle from the Hanayama puzzles. Here is link. Choose whatever puzzle you think would work best. http://www.puzzlemaster.ca/browse/wire/metal/ Leon
    • About #22 I created this based on the "Cast Coil" Hanayama Puzzle, however I'm not entirely sure It's as effective, only because the rubik's cube is such an iconic and recognizable form. Also any color can be used, its not limited to the blue-green gradient..

  • I like your design. The Brain Training was a good idea. My brother does not like the back or the graphic on the front bottom right side. If possible could you try another attempt at this, keeping the front middle graphic and changing the rest. One suggestion is to add the website to the back of the shirt with some other type of wooden puzzle Leon
    • I was already working on a more minimal variant, within a few minutes load the new mockup. thanks

  • love this one. Can you try it in a few different color schemes. Leon
  • Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as to whether I'm going in the right direction or not.
    • we like what you are doing. The words at the top of the shirt look the best. we like the last 2 designs the best so far. For design #4 what would you suggest for the back of the shirt Leon

    • I really like your latest design #7. What would you suggest for the back of the shirt? Leon

  • I've uploaded new designs (#8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15). What are you opinions about the color and slogan?
    • Hi, I like design #9. Please change a couple things. Move the artwork up higher. If these get tucked into the pants, we lose the website address and most of the heart. Leon

  • About #32 Please keep in mind that the design of the t-shirt allows you to fully customize either the puzzle and a color to match the puzzle. I think the idea of the unsolved puzzle in the front and the same one solved in the back is very unique. Please provide your feedback.
  • I cannot see your design that had a wood puzzle on it. Did you take it off. Would you be able to put it back on. Leon
  • Here's an update of #9 (#25). Here are new designs: #26, #27, #28, #29, #30, #31.
    • I like your new designs #27 and #31.

  • GJR
    You entry contains unlicensed material - your puzzle is a photo tracing of this image: http://www.pinkcatshop.com/products/jokes-and-games-games/gam129-3d-wood-puzzle---matrix-cube.html