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Project description

We are encouraging more design as we will be picking additional winners! If we like your design, but you weren't selected for a Gold Medal, we are going to select a couple additional designs to for $75 and $50. Good Luck! 

Latest Update 8/14:

We would really like to see some designs using the Native American Tribal Design examples that we posted in the brief. Please incorporate WYLD Tribe. 



In order to keep the creativity evolving, we wanted to add some more inspiration for those of you that are submitting and of course new designers! We are starting to see some shirt designs that we like! So thank you for that! Please consider our suggestions for edits as we will be choosing a few winners. Also, we have recently picked a winner for our logo contest on this same site and would like to give you guys that logo to use for our shirts. Here are some ideas we have for some more shirt ideas:

We are picturing a shirt with a feather and inside of the feather it says "WYLD Tribe." The feather would probably look best vertical. Also, we thought it would be cool to have the words "WYLD Tribe" shaped like the feather. 

For this shirt we are picturing the words "WYLD Tribe" and a camping icon; a camp fire, pine trees, outline of a mountain)? 

Bus/Pine Trees: 
We have an idea to see the side view outline of a bus and the top of the bus is turning into pine trees. This shirt could say "Into the WYLD" or "WYLD Tribe" somewhere small. You can see in the examples of this below the black silhouettes. The pine trees and/or mountains could also be inside of the bus. 

It would be cool to have the silhouette of a bus with wilderness landscape (ex: mountains, pine trees) anything that represents exploring or the wild. We would also like to see the bus with Native American Tribal style designs inside of it. 

Native American Tribal Style Designs:
Another idea we would like to see is "Into the WYLD" or "WYLD Tribe" incorporated with a Native American Tribal Style design. We included an example of what we like below. 

Please see our new WYLD logo below and more examples to help guide you, and remember to keep it creative!! 

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  • Here is the revised art. Thanks #152
  • Can you make "the" smaller and then move WYLD up a little? We like this. Thank you #139
  • Please change this to WYLD with a "Y" Thank you! #139
  • Please change this to WYLD with a "Y" Thank you! #139
  • @nathan4 thank you for your feedback:D I'm on it
  • Can you please add these trees to the bus on the black shirt? Also, please remove the words Into The WYLD :) Thank you! #142
  • Please remove the words Into the WYLD inside of the bus. Thank you! :) #143
  • About #142, @farassari19 We like how much the tress stand out in this bus! This is great! Can you post a design of this without the words "Into the WYLD" as well? Please move the bus up on the shirt a little too and you can leave the WYLD Garage Co in the window. We really like that!
  • About #141, @farassari19 But please leave WYLD Garage Co. Logo in the window, we like that.
  • About #141, @farassari19 We really like this. Can you please remove the words Into the WYLD on this one so It is just the bus?
  • My another design for into the WYLD, please check thank you :) #137
  • Dear @nathan4 ,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks #134
  • Great design! Is there any way we can blend the word "Tribe" to look a little more like a feather? We do like this one! Thank you. If you would like, we would enjoy seeing some of your ideas incorporating the Native American Tribal Designs that we included as examples in the brief on a different shirt or design. Thanks! #131
  • Hello all! Thank you for the entries. We are liking some of the ones coming through. This will be a tough choice. Can someone please show us their design using the Native American Tribal Images we posted in the brief? We would really like to see some of those being used as well. Please remember to keep the designs simple. Thanks!
  • this not a font, i made this a shape
    as a pentool
  • this not a font, i made this a shape
    as a pentool
  • i change it for both the t-shirt and the tank top #122
  • About #86, @sarasaso1630 sure i will be working on it
  • About #86, @sarasaso1630 sure i will be working on it