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Winning design #41 by nitish_chopra_09, Team Clothing Design for CasterDepot Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nitish_chopra_09

Project description

Looking for a new employee t-shirt design for a short sleeve crew neck that has a simple (but not basic), yet traditional look. Please use the attached branding guide for ideas. 

The three logos we use are also attached and files are provided for 4C, B&W and white in various formats. 

The other images that have been attached are acceptable for use, but not required. Additionally, the phrase "ISO 9001 QMS Certified" can be used in the design (maybe on the back or directly beneath a logo) and the required font has also been provided.

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  • @raq

    Tried to incorporate all the necessary elements - the logo, the name, the tagline plus the caster as well - while simultaneously trying to maintain the minimalist visual aesthetic values from the brand manual you attached.
    Please do let me know your opinion.

    Nitish #41
  • Hi CH, Here's my updated entry. #37
  • raq
    About #28, @nitish_chopra_09 Every Time is two words.
  • @raq

    Color variant for Entry #27.

    Nitish #28
  • @raq

    Another iteration. Let me know how you feel about this.

    Nitish #27
  • raq
    I'm also curious how the front would look with the logo in the center. #21
  • raq
    I like this and it is heading in the right direction. However, I don't like the white logo as much as I expected because it isn't consistent with the design on the back and I don't think I like the text underneath it either. Any ideas?
  • raq
    I suggest placing caster.png (attached with the contest description) here with its size about 6" by 6" #22
  • raq
    Shrink this about 50%, please #22
  • raq
    Shrink this about 50%, please #22
  • raq
    About #23, @dreamingrealistic I do not like the caster graphic that has been used. Please use the one provided.
  • Hi CH, here's some of the changes as you suggested. Hope you like it, and please lemme know what your thoughts? #21

  • This is about my third participation. This time, I hope to get some feedback on what exactly is wrong with my design. I tried to meet all the requirements set out in this letter and I'm a little frustrated because some work with the same design better ranked than mine. Why? #19
  • @raq

    Pushed up the front logo and readjusted the back text as suggested.
    Any other ideas you want me to try?

    Nitish #17
  • @raq

    This is my third entry.
    Saw your comments on other entries, so came up with this since you were open to motifs.

    Nitish #16
  • Hi Ch, here's my other entry. Hope you like it.

    Best Regards, #10
    • raq

      @ralphcabanero Same thing here: on the front: I think it would probably look best as just the logo in white (the file is available in without any shape behind it. Could you also make the actual shirt a black or dark grey (like the "c" in the logo on the back). Lastly, I would like for the logo to be more distinct on the back, but do like the concept a lot.

  • raq
    Please reduce size by 50-75% and use the white logo provided in (CD_Final_Logo_Horizontal_White.png) #12
  • raq
    Please place caster.png here. #12
  • @raq

    My second entry. Do let me know if this is moving in a better direction.

    Nitish #9
  • @raq

    Hope you like this, Would like to hear your feedback.

    PS : The color palette has been picked up from the brand manual provided in the brief #7
    • raq

      @nitish_chopra_09 These look good, but not for my current project. For the current project, I am aiming for something more traditional and subtle. This design is a bit too flashy and eye-catching.

    • @raq ok. one more question - is there any necessary requirements to put either the name or the tagline or both? or is the logo by itself just fine?

    • raq

      @nitish_chopra_09 the logo by itself is acceptable. I have added two additional files to the contest that could also be used but are not required.