Custom Race Car driving suit

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Winning design #3 by arni_admim, Team Clothing Design for Custom Race Car driving suit Contest
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designed by arni_admim

Project description

My son who is 7, needs a custom designed drivers suit. We want it to fit the look and feel of the car currently. And include our sponsors

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  • Extend this contest/project ?
  • @williammcdowell1 I've tried to keep it minimal, let me know if you need any changes and i'll upload it asap!
    Have a nice day!
    Cheers! :)
  • Hello! Check my design. Feel free to ask for changes. #3
    • @arni_admim I like this one. I would remove the ian kowalski from the chest and move that onto the belt. that is where the driver names go. i would add the WSM under the peoria ford. larger like you had it in #4. then i would stack the rest of the sponsor logos on the arm i would leave the commerical vans where its at.... remove the small wsm and replace with the Xtreme logo .... then i would put the "adrian steel" on the top of the shoulders i would remove all logos from the back of the suit....leave the IAN kowlaski on the back like you have it, and maybe work the Facebook logo, twitter logo and you tube logo under it

    • @williammcdowell1 Okay. I'll make the necessary modifications. Maybe I delay a little, because I'm in a congress, but I can send you the new design. Sorry for that, and thanks for the feedback!

  • Hello! Check my design. Feel free to ask for changes. #4
  • Did a more subtle design based on the car colors and patterns. I would be great if you could share the sponser logo's as vectors so they can be easily added and resized. #2
    • @Xclusion much better look and feel. maybe white in the center?? the logos are in the PDF files thate are up loaded for the car wrap..... its the best I have :(

  • the wsm logo is a new sponsor..... you can just use the letters "WSM" you don't have to have the entire oval as the logo

    new sponsor - Commerical van interiors
  • Hi,

    Please let me know what you think of this design/idea. If it suits your idea, I'll add the other sponsors. #1
    • @Xclusion
      i think it too busy. think we want a clean biz professional look to the suit..i added a new picture to the brief area

    • @Xclusion the name should be on the belt.

  • Hello! Will the uniform be a normal running suit? Can you upload photos from the car?
    • @arni_admim i am new to this site and have not figured out how to do that yet..... its a race car driving suit....

      can you view this link?

      i just uploaded some files in the "brief" area

    • @williammcdowell1 Thank you for your attention. I will love working on this contest. Thank you for the informations!

  • we race in the lucas oil offroad racing series.... pictures can be found at of the current race car and helmet.

    if you can please use the following template for the design....*cT/