Dahhan Sports IRAQ Football Kit

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Winning design #10 by bandrew, Team Clothing Design for Dahhan Sports IRAQ Football Kit Contest
Gold Medal

designed by bandrew

Project description

You will be working on an Iraq National Soccer Team jersey.
It will be mainly using the colors green white, and black, with red accents (if you choose). You can use other colors too.

The logo on the right of the chest will be the Iraq Flag, I will send a file with it, and I will send my company logo (can be changed to any color to suit design).

You will make either the home or away design, I want it to be complex, colorful, beautiful, and culturally connected – and this is the hardest part. You can get cultural symbols to be displayed across the whole jerseys in the background, or make them part of the actually design patterns of the jersey. Examples will be given.

Please try to give the kit the feeling that when you see it, it is so cool, you have to buy it or show your friend because of how innovative, colorful, and beautiful it is.

A vector version of the design is necessary for payment!!


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  • 1- красный, белый, черный. 2 - зеленый, белый# 45
  • if you want any change tell me #36
  • The left design is interesting, maybe in green and red without the pattern #10
  • Doesn't follow color scheme, not modern enough #13
  • Don't like the patterns, and the main design isn't modern enough #14
  • I don't like neither the pattern nor the lion #15
  • These designs are too informal #17
  • Not a fan of the patterns on this #18
  • Please make a more modern design #19
  • Too much culture, not modern, and color scheme off #20
  • The design is interesting, but not modern enough #21
  • I don't like the soccer ball on the chest, nor the pattern in the middle #27
  • All of these designs aren't modern enough #30
  • Too simple of design
  • please feed me back #27
  • please feed me back #26
  • Here's I did. I attach some cultural pattern that mostly can be found on islamic art ,mosques and the quoran . I may not know what's the meaning of it (forgive me) but I'm pretty sure it's a great heritage art and really fits into the the design . Printing would be dry-fit sublimation which is most common soccer jerseys . Others can be embroidery like flag and icons or depending on the owner of the company. I hope you like this. #20
  • Improved versions with background pattern
    Please check design #3 #4
  • Lion of Babylon is another famous historical symbol of Iraq.
    Please check design #2