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Project description

We are a youth hockey organization based in the seacoast of New Hampshire. Our organization is seeking to develop a new logo for our travel teams, which play under the name Granite State Wild.  A copy of our current logo is provided for reference.

Considerations for logo development:

  • Team uniform colors:

    • Home- our current home uniforms are black with gold and red trim. We are currently looking at new uniforms and plan to eliminate red from our color scheme. The two options being considered are black uniforms with gold and white trim ((Boston Bruins uniforms as reference) or black with white and dark green trim (University of North Dakota hockey uniforms as reference)

    • Away- current away uniforms are gold with black and red trim. We are considering gold with black and white trim or white with black and dark green trim

  • Logo will be also embroidered on hats and other apparel, so fine details should be avoided

  • Feedback from parents on our current logo:

    • Panther is not representative of an animal found in our state/region

    • Some parents dislike the “bloody” claw marks

    • Logo is difficult to “read” at a distance or when reduced to a small size

  • We are located near the University of New Hampshire, whose mascot is a wildcat, but another nearby program wears this logo, so we do not want anything too similar.

  • Our program draws a significant number of players from Maine, so we wish to avoid the use of NH-specific icons (state outline, Old Man in the Mountain, etc)

  • Although not required, a design that is derived from our current logo would provide some continuity, similar to the way professional hockey teams utilize an “alternate” logo

  • We are open to any ideas, but possible design cues:

    • Minnesota Wild logo (bear head)

    • Washington State cougar logo (WSU shaped like cougar head)

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  • Please Provide Some Feedback
  • Hi jojo-
    I showed your designs to a couple of members of our Board last night. We all like the style of your work. This one got the most positive feedback. Wondering if you would work up a version of this logo with a bear head rather than cat.

    We also like #7. If its not too much work to drop a bear head into that version, we'd love to see that too. #2
    • @dyhapresident thank you for feedback.. ill try some option with the bear head.. any suggestion else?

    • @jojo_cumi nothing else came up in our discussion last night. if any other ideas bubble up, I'll let you know. Thanks!

  • Hi jojo-
    Thank you for the three design submissions. Yours are definitely the most professional of the ones that we’ve received so far.

    Our goal is to use an icon that is more identifiable with our region, So we are looking to get away from our current panther logo and other cats which do not exist in the Northeast. As mentioned in the brief our neighboring hockey club uses a wildcat which is the only type of cat that exists in this region. So we are really looking to go with a different type of animal or other iconography #1
    • @dyhapresident hello tahnks for ur I send some alternative.. waiting to hear from you

  • hope you like my first entry #1 any feedback are appreciated