Planet Earth Jersey

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Project description

We are looking to have this Planet Earth Hockey Jersey redesigned with the following elements:

1) It should look like an NHL Style Jersey. We've attached a "Calgary Flames" Jersey as an example. It has neck strings and numbers on the back and on the sleeves. The names and numbers should appear embroidered on the back.  On the Planet Earth Jersey, there should be an embroidered Planet Earth Logo on one sleeve and an embroidered Country flag on the other sleeve. You can use Canada's country flag. Below the country flag should be the name Canada. There should be a name on the back of the jersey. You can use Smith along with the number 19.  We would like to update the logo on the front to have either just the adults or the adults with the children. We have attached the files.  Our Logo should appear on top of each shoulder and on the neck inseam.  The colours should be earth colours. See our USA and Canada Jersey Contests as well. We may select one winner who is consistent with all three designs. We may select more than one as well. 

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  • Please give your feedback #40
  • you copy my concept,, make your own concept of the jersey #33
  • I just added another jersey, red and green. The planet earth could be similar colours (earth colours). This jersey has shoulder patches and and a lace up neck.