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designed by SR

Project description

Hi guys,

We're a new skydiving team. We do 4-way formation jumps (discipline is called FS, or formation skydiving).

Our name (Sky4LL) plays with the following:
Sky - and Fall cause we are skydivers
"4" - cause we're a 4-way team
and skyfall, cause james bond rocks ;)

We need the logo to go on our skydiving suits and t-shirts, as well as probably on print/stickers etc. We would also use it for a sticker to go on our helmets.

We have no specific black/white or color-wishes, but we might get a sponsor whose logo is green (

I have added some random 4-way designs I googled - just for inspiration. In addition I added a random picture of a 4-way team in the air. I also attach a word doc, with the different formations we have to make while in the air.

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  • And one more idea about the sign: mixing skydiving and viking helmets. #50
  • Font could be another (maybe lighter letters Sky and LL), this entry just to show you the idea. #49
  • Draft with winged 4. #49
  • Tryout with multiplying helmets. Reference to visuals of basketball and hockey teams. #48
  • And some tryouts with Danish motiv:) #29
    • @Desa as i feared, its gonna get too messy with both the 4 colors and the Danish flag. But thanks for showing us.

    • @nicholas_oerum Yeah. Looks overloaded.

  • Good morning:).
    To make it work on surfaces of different colors I've added black shadow outline. Here is the test. #47
  • Hi, Nicholas. Thank you for your feedback.
    Here is some variations with colours of formation. #28
    • @Desa Thanks! The bottom left works well. Clear colors. And the "google chrome"-theme is hard to avoid with those colors i guess :D Do you think that these entries would work on both black as well as white background?

  • Cool idea, very james bond. The color doesn't really work, although I understand that you've used the sponsors color. Could we do the text/font more cool? And maybe the logo in blue. Just an idea. #19
  • @Desa what was the thought behind the red colour? Its cool and very Danish - where the team is from. You gave us a good idea actually. In fact, in skydiving lingo the 4 different positions have 4 different colours, and maybe we could use those as the outside shields. They are from bottom left: yellow, blue, from top left: green, and then red. Maybe red in the inside would then be too much, maybe just white in the middle. But you're the pro. #26
  • Version with skydiving helmet #25
  • Dear @nicholas_oerum ,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks #22
  • @Desa we really like your 4 entries. If you have the time, could you try and give us an impression of #19 combined with #6 ? I think you could do magic loosely based on those two. #24
  • Dear @nicholas_oerum ,
    Another option
    Thanks #23
  • Hi guys, Thank your for the inputs and entries. The point where we are under are canopy and flying our parachute happens after what we do. What we do as a 4-way formation skydiving team is the formations while in free fall. Such as the photo I uploaded of the random 4-way team in the air, and as you can see in the word document, which describes the formations.

    So if possible, less entries with guys hanging under the parachute, - which is basically just transport time for us - and more focus on the actual sport; the formation skydiving itself (while in freefall). Thanks!
  • Another version. All black letters in 'Sky4LL' have a white outline (doesn't show well on the upload preview). #4
  • Attention designers! If you are not seeing your submitted entry in the contest please re-submit again.

    Data synchronization issue during the server upgrade impacted some of the designs that were uploaded on Sunday over the short period of time.

    Thank you
  • Here is a rough idea of a design. If you like the concept of it but want to change anything (such as the fonts used) then let me know! #2
    • @willbirdy1 thanks! After much internal discussions, the text must be "Sky4LL", i.e. capital S ad LL. Could you change to give us an idea?

    • @nicholas_oerum Hey I edited it so the letters are capitals #3

  • For some reason I cant upload any files to designcontest :(