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designed by SR

Project description

Hi guys,

We're a new skydiving team. We do 4-way formation jumps (discipline is called FS, or formation skydiving).

Our name (Sky4LL) plays with the following:
Sky - and Fall cause we are skydivers
"4" - cause we're a 4-way team
and skyfall, cause james bond rocks ;)

We need the logo to go on our skydiving suits and t-shirts, as well as probably on print/stickers etc. We would also use it for a sticker to go on our helmets.

We have no specific black/white or color-wishes, but we might get a sponsor whose logo is green (

I have added some random 4-way designs I googled - just for inspiration. In addition I added a random picture of a 4-way team in the air. I also attach a word doc, with the different formations we have to make while in the air.

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