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Winning design #13 by crajiime, Team Clothing Design for Troglodyte Hockey Team Jersey Contest
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designed by crajiime

Project description

I would like to have a Troglodyte/Caveman Hockey Jersey design. I've attached an image of a caveman from a movie. Part of the jersey could appear to be a caveman outfit/animal hide similar to the one in the image. The hide would be brown.  There would be a tuft of hair shaped like a "T" on the front of the jersey. His face could be the logo on each arm or shoulder.  The Number "11" would be on each arm and on the back of the jersey and it would look like the caveman's club.  There should be a name (EEGAH) and number on the back of the jersey as well.  Main colors would be brown and dark orange. I've attached a couple of samples of hockey jerseys as examples.   

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  • Hope this gets your attention! #16
  • Is there something you would like to see different ? Am I on the right track of what your looking for? Looking forward to hearing from you.
  • Hello abglobal, this is my entry, the entire original artwork is in vector format. Therefore it can easily be scaled to desired size without distortion. i await your feedback. #15
  • changed what was told. i hope this is alright. thank you. #11 #12 #13
  • Can you change the shoulders to the same as the one in the orange one, #10? Thanks! #6
  • Thanks, I like this. I like how you have the beige outline on the back number. Can you do the beige outline on the numbers on the arms as well? Can you also do some brown coloring from the bottom near the hands going up each arm? Thanks! #10
    • @abglobal im so glad you like it. Will be working on that right now.

  • dear ch, i hope this is right because i was really confused by the numbering. #10
  • Hi, I like this design. Do you think I could see this one with the same shoulder clubs as Design #4 and also with a Dark Orange Background? Thanks #6
  • hello contest holder please rate and feedback #8
  • Dear CH, Please check. Thank you. #5
  • I did the project as You explained in the pdf. One version is without the shoulder clubs to show how it would look. Also added something like wrist bands in one version. #3
  • The Caveman Hide/Clothing should be part of the jersey the same as shown on the image. It should go across the bottom and across the shoulder and then on the back as well. It should be medium brown with some dark brown highlights. I would like to see two designs. One with the Letter T on the chest and one with the image of the caveman on the chest. The fur hide/uniform should be brown and then the rest of the area should be white. Thanks
  • Sorry, but this is not what I'm looking for. You didn't follow any of my instructions. Thanks #2
  • Hi, I'd like to contribute to Your contest. You didn't mention it in the brief (aside from the T shaped hair) but i though i could make You a different logo to go with the jersey, maybe You'll like it :). let me know if You'd like to change anything #2
  • I think that maybe white instead of orange would look better. I want the caveman's hide to be the same as in the picture, draped across his shoulder and same style at the bottom. A smaller T on the front. Maybe make a design with the Caveman's face on the front as well, instead of the T. Thanks #1
  • dear CH, please check my design. The logo on the side is temporary. #1
  • dear CH, is the image of the caveman you provided should be part of the jersey or not?