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Project description

Looking for a fresh, new website design/theme template. After we have the website we will be needing a new logo as well. I want something clean and modern. We are a Public Relations services business based in NYC so we need something that is somewhat sexy. 

Our current website is 

Design would need 8 pages. 

Home Page needs testimonials scroller at bottom. 

I need five different main menu items with a drop downs… 

  1. Industries
    • Real Estate
    • Financial Services
    • Health & Wellness
    • Publishing
    • Food & Beverage
    • Consumer & Lifestyle
    • NonProfit

  1. Services  ( need a page layout that all of these can fit into)
    • Public Relations
    • Crisis Communications
    • Event Concierge
    • Storytelling
    • Media Training
    • Strategic Networking
    • Reputation Management
    • Events Planning
    • Focus Groups & Data Collection
  1. Insights 
    • Blog - Standard blog design
    • Case Studies - page with a list of clients we have case studies for. We can keep it at 3 case studies. Here is just one example.

  1. About Us 
    • Our Team - Standard team page with headshot & bio
    • Newsroom - in a blog post format
    • Our Clients - one page with all of our client logos - when you click on each logo you will be taken to a page with a list of all of their recent press or a case study if there is a case study for that client
  1. Contact Us

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  • The is the case studies (projects) page example.

    I tried to do my best on these 2 pages in the limited time frame. We can work further to improvise them after selecting the winner.

    Thank you! #12
  • Hi Angela. This is the services page example.
  • are u still accepting new entries?
  • Here are the requested changes.

    Thank you! #5
    • @GemDesign thank you. I am going to use your design as the winner. I haven't used this site before however. Do I select you as winner now and then you will start to design all of the other pages or do you design first and then I select it as a winner? When do you think you will have the other pages done and will I be able to send you further revisions on the design after the winner is selected?

    • @angelatrostle Thank you Angela. How many more page examples do you need ?

    • @GemDesign just one to get an idea of what you are thinking.

    • @GemDesign I really like this page example of client case studies. I also really like the way they set their sectors and practices up .. perhaps something like this would work for the industries and services pages.. a list of all categories with small description and then a page template for what it looks like after you click on any particular industry or service. I like what you've done so far so I will let you be creative with it!

    • @angelatrostle Thanks i'll try to make something before the 20 hour deadline if no you can select me as a winner and we will have a full 7 days to work on the other pages and design revisions. Thank you!

  • Could you change this to "Recent Client Press Placements"? #2
  • This is an update to some element in the design. with some highlighting and hover effects. #2
    • Could I see an example of an internal page layout for one of the services? About #2, @GemDesign

  • If we can change this to social marketing & online communications #4
  • Change this to Event Planning #4
  • should be insights! h, not n. #4
  • Hi Angela.

    This is my initial design concept for the homepage. It's clean and modern and quite classy. It has that elegant New Yorker feel to it.

    I used simple high end typography with quality images and icons and the blue color form you current website to achieve it.

    Hope you like the design this is just the initial concept for the homepage with your feedback and comments I can make it better and derive all the other needed pages.

    Thank you!

    Slim Zouari
    • @GemDesign Hi there and thank you for submitting. I really like the clean modern feel to this! I see you've taken a lot of content from our current website which is fine but our service offerings are expanding. I like the callout of 4 main services on the home page and the clean boxes. Would this be in wordpress?

    • About #1, @angelatrostle

      Hi. Thank you for your feedback I'm really glad you like the feel of the design.

      I used the content from your website to make the design relevant the design is quite modular and will work with any content. If you have any new content please tell me what to remove and what to add.

      This can be coded to any CMS you like but wordpress would be perfect.