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This is such a better idea then working with one designer. The Designer I worked with understood exactly what I was looking for in a design. I feel so relieved. He also went the extra step and broke down the design so that I can add it to WordPress fairly easily. I really appreciate that!


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I am really clear that I do not want this to look like Nickalodean - I want it classy. NO KIDS PICTURED ON THE WEBSITE!!!!!!!! My criteria is simple and classy first, but I still want it light or fun (not depressing). I think two primary colors - other colors can be added as an assist. I don't care for browns, greys or purples. I love clean, delicate lines, simplicity, classy. I am not very computer savvy, so I don't know if it is possible but I would like each page of the website to look slightly different so people know they are on a different page - so I don't need a separate design for each page but maybe a separate color - or some simple way to distinguish the page - I am open to ideas. I love my logo - I like the red in it but I know red is a little difficult to work with so feel free to change the color in the logo to match your website. I am really not tech savvy, so I am thinking that the format of my website can stay the same. I think I can change the button colors and style (hopefully) but I think it will be easiest just to upload the banner and the side image. I am not sure I actually uploaded my logo on the last page it is in .gif form and it wasn't one of the endings supported. Just e-mail me at and I can send you the logo file. Thanks.

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  • Hi there! I know this design is a fairly major shift from your current design, so I understand if you would rather not use it. I just figured I'd throw it out there for your consideration. The green lines and font colors are designed to be able to be change-able per page, like you requested. Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks, Josh
  • CH, With just under 2 days left in this contest, can we get some feedback on the designs?
  • Dear CH, On the description was that you wanted the menu to be vertical and the header to be horizontal, but I guess you're open to new ideas and since I really like this design, I gave it a shot. Can't wait for your feedback! Thanks, Daniella.
  • Thankyou very much, I am really glad you liked it! What happens from here? I think you may have to pick the winner and then i will be able to upload the source files for the template. Sorry this is my first time on this site. Look forward to hearing from you Thanks Jack
  • I don't think in WP - it is possible to change the design for every page - so never mind on all the different colors
  • ok - I have been looking at the design more and I really like the pink and grey together - also I really like how you highlighted upcoming events on the home page.
  • Thanks for the feedback! The leaf is simply a placeholder for your images to go there. If you can upload some pictures of people or places that you would like on your website, we can go from there. Thanks again!
  • I really liked your layout - it is clean and the nice functionality that I am looking for. I am not wild about the leaf picture - although it does go beautifully with the butterfly. I am kind of drawing a blank on what to exchange it with though
  • these last 2 are too busy for me - I like the clean lines and ease of getting around in your first designs
  • I like the clean layout of both your designs - I am just not that wild about either of the leaf pictures - although that does go well with my butterfly theme
  • I think it looks nice but the picture has it all scrunched up so it is a little difficult to see how cool it looks
  • It's a little masculine for my taste
  • I think you totally got what I am looking for - you kind of cleaned up my website - thanks. I love the pink - even though I am not sure how professional it is. Is it possible to have five or six complimentary colors so people know they are on a different page? I love the design!
  • Hey there this is my entry for your site design I really like the colors in the logo and just worked off that. The actual design i made was slightly bigger in height than the one that i had to enter due to the image size restrictions, so the design looks kinda all compact where the other deign i made has slightly more room between elements. Hope you like it Jack
  • Here's the one with wider background. The rest of the page is the same as the other one.
  • Hi CH, This is the revised version I made according to your requirement. Is there anything you want me to change? Thanks
  • I would like to see a backgrounnd color so the website is framed
  • I think it looks great
  • Hey there please let me know if there is anything that you would like me to change or add Cheers Jack
  • Hi, here's my submission. I hope you like it. Please provide feedback so I can improve it. Thanks