An upgrade to my wordpress website

This is such a better idea then working with one designer. The Designer I worked with understood exactly what I was looking for in a design. I feel so relieved. He also went the extra step and broke down the design so that I can add it to WordPress fairly easily. I really appreciate that!


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Project description

I am really clear that I do not want this to look like Nickalodean - I want it classy. NO KIDS PICTURED ON THE WEBSITE!!!!!!!! My criteria is simple and classy first, but I still want it light or fun (not depressing). I think two primary colors - other colors can be added as an assist. I don't care for browns, greys or purples. I love clean, delicate lines, simplicity, classy. I am not very computer savvy, so I don't know if it is possible but I would like each page of the website to look slightly different so people know they are on a different page - so I don't need a separate design for each page but maybe a separate color - or some simple way to distinguish the page - I am open to ideas. I love my logo - I like the red in it but I know red is a little difficult to work with so feel free to change the color in the logo to match your website. I am really not tech savvy, so I am thinking that the format of my website can stay the same. I think I can change the button colors and style (hopefully) but I think it will be easiest just to upload the banner and the side image. I am not sure I actually uploaded my logo on the last page it is in .gif form and it wasn't one of the endings supported. Just e-mail me at and I can send you the logo file. Thanks.

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