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Winning design #30 by isaadansari, Theme Design for Crosswind Website Contest
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designed by isaadansari

Project description

This contest is about designing a website for our new company Crosswind. We have uploaded a logo which must be part of the website. All of the remaining requirements / hints are provided as visual mindmap.

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  • Dear CH, Could you please provide us with more information on the content you want to appear on the homepage (texts, images...) ? Thanks a lot.
    • Hi, can you elaborate why this is necessary? The contest is about the template design ...

    • The content which we plan to publish is sketched in the mindmap.

    • Hi, the reason why I am asking you this is to have a clearer vision of what you want to appear on your homepage(e.g. which angle you want to take, which message you want to convey). That being said, as I read your last comment to sayedphp, you seem to be open to any suggestions. Am I right ? Thanks.

    • Hi Cucara, yes we are open to suggestions which follow the design guidelines in the attached mindmap.

  • Are you need only PSD Template design nor all PSD Design+HTML and Joomla Conversion? please clarify us.
    • Basically we need a Joomla template which we can import as an extension in our Joomla web CMS. The content which we plan to publish is sketched in the mindmap. Of course, PSD templates can support the overall design of the web page.

    • Thanks,Are you show us any reference sites, what do you like?

    • The plan was to not provide any reference sites because we don't want to 'push' the designers too much into a certain direction. We are very open to new and innovative designs.

    • hi, referring to the above context, the contest is for design only. however if you need joomla site. please let me know... I'm an enthusiastic UI Designer and Web Developer with 6 years experience and extra ordinary project managment skills, managing multiple project in the mean time and meet the deadlines. Regards

  • Hi, I will be please to have a little feedback on my design. Regards
  • Hi CH, I have submitted my 1st design in your contest. Please rate my entry #4 & #5 also feel free to let me know the required changes you want in this design. So that your expectation can be met. Awaiting for your kind comments. Thanks. Best Regards/WebStar
  • Hi CH, Homepage revised as per your last comment. I have also submitted my inner page design. I hope you will like this designs. Please rate this design & tell me if you need any last minute change. Thanks. Best Regards/WebStar
    • Hi there The problem with your design is that you have never submitted an article details page, which all other designers did ... Besides this missing, important point, the design is good.

  • Entries #47 and #46 are both very nice. Anything you could add / suggest to make our Joomla website even more attractive?
  • Can you additionally provide a version where the content columns are the same width as the header / footer.
    • you mean that there will be no side bar and the page content will be full width as the width of the bars ? thanks

    • No, the total width of the two conten columns have the same width as the header / footer.

  • Revised #43 to #44. please have a look and let me know. I hope you will like it. thanks
  • hi ch. christophkiefer I am working on your project but time very short I will send to you design very soon I hope you will like my design thanks best regards babar786
    • Can I extend the duration of this contest?

    • thanks for give me feedback. If possible you can extend the duration of this contest time thanks best regards babar786

  • Better! - Can you make the lines which divide the center column from the right column thinner? - Please make the top menu bar and the footer bar the same height.
  • This one looks already quite good. - Backgrounds should be white as in #40 - Can you make the sub menu bar the same orange as on the right?
  • Can you make the ornage rectangle on top a little less hight and use submenu items as proposed in entry #39?
    • I am working on it #40. I will upload in a little while. Regards

  • Also, please show us an articl details page à la entry #15.
    • Alerady uploaded check #37 and #40. was working on the details to produce outstanding design. thanks

  • What is the difference in this design to entry # 30 expect the hand icon?
    • I wonder you like banner at orange background so changed accordingly. Thanks

  • Hi CH, Design revised. I have created a new navigation bar in #38. Also changed the language & search option. In my entry #39, i have show the drop down effect. Now i am working on the detail page. Hope to submit the entry before the contest end. Please rate my designs & tell me if you need any changes. Thanks. Best Regards/WebStar
  • Omit the flags next to the language switch. Only show Deutsch | English or just use de | en as in entry #30. How would an article details page look like with your design?
  • The marble background just below the header is still superfluous -- please omit it.
  • This looks good. Please put in some more effort regarding the following review: - The top navigation buttons do not conform to the menu names in the mind map attached to the contest. Please only use those names. - Do not use 'subtitles' in the top navigation menu buttons such as 'our services' - Please change the 'Vision' icon. We don't like the computer icon. Use something else. - There's kind of a marble background below the header image -- omit it. - The footer needs to be dark grey as defined in the mind map, not black. - Omit the country flags. Only use the names 'Deutsch' and English (or de | en). - Please show us the design of a detail, non-frontpage articles page. - Make sure the width of the design fits on an iPad screen without srolling. Cheers, Christoph
    • looking into it, well about the width, it is development part, I will give you responsive layout which will be viewable on screen mobile and tablets thanks

  • Hi CH, Design revised. I hope you will like this design. Thanks. Regards/WebStar
    • Hi there, Could you check our latest comments about your design?

  • Dear all To clarify things, we assume that the winning designer sends us the design as a deployable Joomla extension including anything that gets discussed in the contest primarily. Cheers, Christoph
    • Hi, If I am not mistaken This contest is about designing a Homepage for your company & the winning designer will send the design in PSD format. Thanks. Regards/WebStar

    • Hi, I am developer as well, I can deliver you joomla extension . all you will only need do is to activate it as template. In same manner I have done this with one of the clients, who selected my design then I proceed with the joomla development. here is the url for the project Thanks