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Winning design #34 by Sliggies, Theme Design for Elementary Vaping Contest
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designed by Sliggies

Project description

We're setting up a shopify vaping shop and need a few design essentials like Logo, business cards, general design ideas to help create a vintage/saloon/Jack Daniels style brand. Have a  look at this site for an idea of what we're kind of going for: 


Think Saloon bars, cowboys and Indians, late 1800's stuff in general. We're not looking for a full template for shopify, just a great logo and a basic design direction I suspose. Good luck!

Oh, if an English Bull Terrier could be included as the 'mascot' that would be cool - not essential though, I just love the breed. Also guys could you try using Abril Fatface as the main font (see attachment). Thanks.

I've added a logo file which I quite like the look of...just putting it out there guys. Thanks

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  • Here is another layout. Thanks #75
  • i hope you enjoy. #72
  • @mike8 layout with English Bull Terrier #63
  • @mike8 layouts with English Bull Terrier #64
  • same logo with different font #58
  • @mike8 New layouts #52 #53

  • @mike8 If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share. Thanks #44 #45
  • @mike8 Do you have any directions for me? The dog is supposed to be sherlock holmes. "It's elementary dear watson."#33 #35 #36
  • Hi Mike.

    I went with a bit of old english an almost (elementary watson) for the website the logo would be animated with the Vape swirling around the Top Hat.
  • Hello Contest HOlder: I have gone a bit of a different route, using 1800 and early 1900 smoking style imagery, graphic elements and typeface style. I have introduced the 'country' vibe by suggesting you print on wood veneer business cards available at Lee valley. It gives it a bit of richness, old world and differentiation I think you are looking for! Also the reason why the colour options I have given you! Hope you like it as much as I do! #24
  • I really like what you've done here Tookz. Ideally I'd like to get rid of 'The vaping shop' but I see why you've needed to add additional characters to balance out the design. Maybe look at replacing 'THE' & 'SHOP' with stars (see upload. Can we change 'Quality Selection' to something like 'Quality Redefined'.

    I'd also like this invested so white on black and black on white.
  • mock up of reverse side of business card with placeholder text :) #16
  • Hi there, I have drawn a stylized cowboy vaping #14 I kept it quite simple so it is easy to replicate and easily recognized. I have shown a business card as a quick example of how the logo might be used #15. If you like this, then I can create other elements to compliment the theme. Kind regards, Liz
  • As you wish. Use a primitive design.
  • Could combine elements any way you want.
  • Here is my proposal. Hope you like it. Waiting for feedback. :) #7
  • As you wish. Use a primitive design.
  • As you wish. Use a primitive design.