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Winning design #15 by gtabidze, Theme Design for Ethan Loves Us Contest
Gold Medal

designed by gtabidze

Project description


I am starting a blog to document becoming a new parent and would like a custom word press theme for it.  Currently I am using the "casual" theme from Obox, but I would like a high quality website for my new son that doesn't look like I just picked a random theme and slapped it on there.  To that end, I have a few technical requirements but the design is open to your own vision.  

1. ability to customize the byline. i.e. use time/date, category, or remove it altogether.
2. I like the idea of different post formats that my current theme has.  "Quote" shouldn't look the same as "standard."
3. Easy to read font/size.  Using 16 pt. now.
4. It doesn't look kiddish.  It should have appeal to a mass audience.
5. Although I don't have a logo, I would like an attractive header image (i.e. no solid colors).
6. Wordpress's Read more tag has to work.  It doesn't with current theme.
7. Any design with site title should include initial caps, including the .Us  i.e. EthanLoves.Us

I genuinely don't know what I want regarding design so be free!  The current color is random and I don't like it so please use whatever looks good to you.

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  • About #15, @gtabidze just curious if you are able to code, or know somebody you trust that could?
    • @gumpfanatic Hello,
      I can develop site for wordpress platform or on other outsource platform(Drupal, Joomla). I can help you to make sure your SEO on your site works well and other people easily can find your site from google search. I can code my design between 5-7 days. If you are interested in, please give me permission to contact you. You know there are some rules and I cant write here my contact information outside this web.

  • About #17, @WebStar just curious if you are able to code, or know somebody you trust that could?
  • The Final files will b in Psd format correct?
  • Hi CH, I have submitted my 1st design in your contest. Please rate my design and feel free to let me know the required changes you want in this design.So that your expectation can be met. Awaiting for your kind comments. Thanks. Best Regards/WebStar #17
  • SAC
    Quote post added, this is unique and custom theme, we develop in Responsive that why its done in Grid system. pixel perfect design. We Give you fully support while development and future also, We are 24x7x365 working, 12 professionals team. Let me know what you looking more ? #16
  • To all designers, All website contests are for the graphics ready for slicing and coding. Website contests DO NOT include coding. The contestholder can ask you if you code and if yu do then you can be hired in a 1on1 project and negotiate the dollar amount to complete coding.
  • @gumpfanatic header text is customizable on PSD file and you can change it anytime. ( Mostly everything is customizable on here, from icons to design elements ). I like your view about standard post after the click and I made a change as you write to me. so, Please let me know what you think and what can I do for Ethan, G, #15
  • About #13, @gtabidze I really like your design and it fits what I'm going for the most so far. A couple of things I would change are the header text and standard post. I like the idea and format for the title and subtitle in the header, but I probably wouldn't word it the same way so make that customizable. Also, not a fan of the white on green standard post. It's great home page, but if you click thru to the post I like black text on white background.
  • Hi Ronnie, I add here recent post section and modern social network icons. I think you will like it. #14
  • About #8, @gumpfanatic I get the photos from your facebook which I get from Social Links on website. If you will take other photos for header bar, I will make some effects and insert here. Now i will explain my design view of your future blog. Here we go : 1. "Dear Ethan.." - it will be little welcome post for site visitors ( who you are, who is Ethan, what are you doing, why are you blogging). Very short introduction of your blog and idea. Every kind of content ( article, video, photos ,quote) have different icons. 2. "We made him a website" - It's blog post with a picture and short text bellow. My advice is here that, mostly use photos of your posts, because we people like to understand content first visually. 3. "Let me introduce myself" - This is a standard post without image. 4. "What a sweet nursery" - Video post 5. "New pictures of Ethan" - photo gallery ( I am waiting too <3 ) As for quotes, I think it will be good if this section will be fixed here. It is eye aching and people will be motivated from the start of website. Now I will be upload screen of what would be when you click on a post from this screen. Let me know what you think of the design and I really look forward in a great collaboration. G, #13
  • Hello, my name is George and this is what I suggest for your website. It's clean, appeals to mass audience and professional. * You said that, you like different post formats. I believe you will like quote separation(fixed right side) from other style formats. * Also, as you mentioned you need a logo and there it is ... baby's soother with letter "E". Fonts are Google fonts so they are indexable plus easy to code for wordpress platform. So, let me know what you think of the design and I really look forward in a great collaboration. G, #8
    • About #8, @gtabidze Thanks, it looks great! If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the photo from? Also, can you show me what a blog post will look like? From your mockup, I don't see any standard posts, only quotes and video.

  • Feature: - Theme Settings - Widget - Menus - Responsive #7
  • I add some little things. #6

  • Please let me know what you think and where I stand in your contest,
  • About #1, @SAC I think it's a good start. I love what you did with the site title, but you left off the .Us Think of my site's name as "Ethan Loves Us" and not "Ethan Loves" with a http://.us at the end. Would like to see different options for the header. A photograph implies that it's a picture of me, which it isn't.
    • SAC

      @gumpfanatic Top picture will change any time. as you want. now just focus on hole design part. we will change photos. now just see the theme. as you saying you want fully developed. (HTML+ WordPress integration ? ) But this is just Design board, for coding you have to pay extra may be. plz confirm with Help desk of DC.

    • SAC

      @gumpfanatic can we talk /chat on skype ?

    • @SAC I would be happy to talk more one-on-one with you if your design wins this contest. For the time being I want to leave this open for everybody's interpretation.

    • SAC

      @gumpfanatic Thats ok, no problem i wil update my design very soon,, did you confirm this contest for full development, not only for design ?

    • SAC

      About #4, @gumpfanatic its done and i hope you like. plz rate design. i submit only 3 designs only as per DC rule. your rate is very IMP.

    • Correct i will need a fully functioning Wordpress theme. If that's not something the winning designer can do I will need to be pointed in the right direction. About #4, @SAC

  • SAC
    Fully responsive and soft design. #4
  • About #2, @ronhi Don't use a real person in the header. I don't want to imply that he is my kid. A 2D illustration would work nice.
    • @gumpfanatic i have replaced the pic. Let me know your thoughts

    • About #3, @ronhi not digging the login form? It will be a blog, not a forum so people won't have accounts.

    • @gumpfanatic the login form is just a widget that can easily be disabled/ replaced with another widget. Can set it up for you on your server

  • SAC
    Hello, Are you looking only psd design ? Are you looking responsive design ? Which type of attractive header image you want ? (e.g- father with son- family- playpark etc ) Request you reply fast so i start work on design. Thank you
    • @SAC thank you for your comment. Something to do with family would be great. Ideally it would be responsive as well. Not sure what you mean by only photoshop design.

    • SAC

      About #1, @gumpfanatic Here is submit my progressive work. i was asking this project is for only design or you need to fully develop theme with code ?

    • @SAC a fully developed theme.

  • The design is responsive. Open to make any modifications that you may need #2
  • SAC
    This is just starting point..let me know wht you feel and wht you think about it. #1