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I have hired a website developer to finally build a website for my small new company! I've hosted a logo design contest on this site a while back and really liked the concept of it. I like getting different designs from different people. Anyhow, l wanted to host a contest for the theme that I could then show and have the web developer incorporate into my website. I hope that makes since; I am not very techy at all! 

The name of my company is called Next Best Thing. It is a newborn care company specializing in overnight care. The service is costly and my clientele is 'high income' and so my site should appeal to them (classy, luxurious) but should also still be soft since we are dealing with babies. The logo that I had designed from this site will be attached. 

I would like the home page to include an area for a promotional video.  I will leave the link to the video below. I think there may be a few moments in the video that might have good screen/still shots that maybe you could to the design.

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  • More appealing as luxurious for customers. Thank you. #351
  • another variation of the main page design which can be extended to full page. #348
  • Dear client. I have done the best to make the design look luxurious and used minimalistic approach to make it look more elegant. kindly tell me what you feel to make any adjustments. Thank you. #346
  • hello .... this design is simple, clean, minimal and original, the concept is inspired by the logo and the theme of your company so it is personal and represents your identity as a company.
    it gives the user an easy to navigate experience and it is ordered so the user is always interested
    if you like it plz provide some feedback ... if want to changes or adding content I am at your service.

  • this is new design on me i hope you like #336
  • About #333, @cute05princess I hope you like it. Thank you
  • About #333, @cute05princess I hope you like it. Thank you
  • can you more check my design again #332
  • hello can you check my design number 2. I change our color on button menu. I hope you like. #331
  • hey.. can you check my design, maybe you're interested #330
  • About #304, what do you think?
  • This entry is in the top two! I'd like you to focus on this design. I still don't like the large gold banner at the bottom. #27
  • new #286
  • Hi, is this what you would to look my entry? if you like it, then please tell me what to change if there is a change. ok?
    thank you
  • you like ?? #272
  • How would this look with just the video on the main screen and remove the cloud that says next Best Thing. #257
  • How would this look with the nursery shot from my video? And no blue blue filter. I don't like the blue filter on this design. #264
  • About #257, @nimous I like this one. How does it look if the room is 'flipped'?
  • About #262, @nimous light blue or dark blue
  • How does this look if you take the blue filter off? #262