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Winning design #71 by iztok, Theme Design for An upgrade to wordpress website  Contest
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designed by iztok

Project description

Our homepage is outdated and need a refresh and we are moving to Wordpress. In the same time we like to refresh/change our logotype, this is on a separate contest. (not added yet.) The main idea we have is: Update the old site, Good things we want to keep one way or another: The personal picture in the right corner with possibility to have text below the pictures. One object under the personal picture there you could see what satisfied customers say. Things we want to change: Color, now it is a little bit to serious and almost boring, more fun and happy but still serious. Drop down menu. Wider, now its 750p we want 1000p. we like the menu look, we like the “newspaper” format. Missing a page foot with personal information We don't have pictures at this time, we are on our way to the photographer, so good if its possible to change later, use some dummy pictures for now. Readability and simplicity is keywords we like.

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  • The designs must be 100% your work. Please, read our guidelines.
  • I do like the pattern of the head in #7, spesial if its possible to put a picture in the background of the pattern...
  • #5 is better, read the feedback at no 5
  • I do like the green, I would like the logo do skip the brown. More green. Dont like the deposition try something else.
  • Thanks for trying something new, but sorry it didn’t won my hart
  • Like the pattern in the Top, but Green would be better, like the green colours in the book #6 and on the bars in #5 Change Blue to green, change Brown to green Different shades of green
  • Dear CH! I renewed the design, please review and give a feedback if it is possible. Thank You
  • Like mix of and
  • Dear CH! Thanks for Your feedback,of course I change the colors,and I will make something like Your favourite (like, right? Regards MSD
  • Like the Menue lock with "tab" And the simplicity...
  • More like the old Lik the gray menu's Maybe ad some color to the site, maybe green?
  • More like the old Lik the gray menu's Maybe ad some color to the site, maybe green?
  • More like the old Thinner Menu's and Top don’t like the blue... maybe lime? or other green Now the logo is as file
  • Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I will post revisions soon. Regards, -- jjy
  • I do realy like the green colors on the top
  • About the header Its more work than joy I do like pattern like on #7 and #11 specially i its possible to pot a monochromatic picture incorporateed
  • Its a little bit to corporate... to strict Needs more joy... and hapiness. Also missing a spot for personal pictures..
  • Do like the personal picture frame. The green seams a little sharp... like the green fadin in the bottom better... but on the bottom menue the text is hard to read...
  • Like this color mix better, what I do miss is a place for oure personal picture, like on #7
  • I would like the main frame to be wider. It's something aboute your composition that i do like