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We were very happy with the design. Design contest is misleading though. When you hold a contest for a word press theme design, I would assume that I would get a word press theme. You don't. you get photo shop files and then you have to go find a word press theme that you can hopefully make fit the pictures you are given. My design was great, just not really useful. If it was clear that I was getting images instead of a word press theme, I would have run the contest in a broader category and received more results for my money. My experience with design contest was poor.

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My company provides mapping services to the general public. Customers have the ability to look at aerial, topographic, and street imagery and mark the map up using our user interface. Tools include: drawing polygons, lines, labels, etc... A key feature is that we generate printable media in large formats such as poster sizes that can be printed at local print shops quickly and cheaply. of course we also generate smaller formats for home or office printing. The webpage I need designed, will be the landing page for the user interface. All original art (images, logo, etc.) I would like in a greyscale format so I can manipulate colors if desired. I also want everything in a wordpress format.

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  • Hi, Questions : - any prefered/spesific color-scheme ? - is this including logo creation ? thanks, Ardia
  • Hey CH, I have submitted two designs,please review and provide feedback! If you want any change,please let me know! Regards.
  • Hey CH, Firstly,I have submitted some logo designs for your kind consideration.I have also started working on the web design.will soon submit it.. Waiting for your feedback! Regards.
  • Mirzapur, The four items at the bottom are steps in a process. They seem to look like buttons for me to click on to go somewhere. I don't care too much for the logo. It may be the font, I dont know. It's a good looking logo, just not what I'm looking for. Im sorry I dont have any better feedback than that... I may be completely wrong on using the letters to spell out MAP. I am not a designer after all! Very open to suggestions there. I really like the page layout, shading, icons, etc. I would love to see some color schemes applied.
  • Dear Ch, please give your reviews and suggestion to my design #1. thanks
  • with the product name, there is an easy connection for logo creation. I like the idea of using the first letter of each word in the web address to spell MAP...
  • Yes, we need logo creation also. I do not have a specific color scheme. I don't want wild colors, but I am very open to creativity.
  • Hey CH, IF you have logo,please upload it? otherwise,can we make a logo for your company? Waiting for reply! Regards.
  • Hey CH, What colors do you like? Regards, Umair Aslam
  • Thanks for feedback! Submitted some more designs after revision... Please review them and provide some feedback! Added more colors and proposed more logo designs! Regards.
  • Hi CH, My design at #6. - Adding some text about MAP to introduce visitors what do. - Not quite sure what else should be in the design, so I'm designing following your guide file. - Logo proposal. It's a (google)map marker with printer icon in it. Let me know what you are thinking. Thanks. Regards.
  • Hey UmairAslam23, I like the page layout. I would like to see some other ideas on logo creation. Something completely different. maybe using a map, or globe, etc. I like what you have done, especially logo 2. I would just like to see some other possible ideas that are very different. I think I would like a little more color on the page also. Can I see some other color options? Maybe earth tones. or a solid black background? Looking for a more color rich page than gray. Thanks so much!
  • Dear Contest holder, Any chances of this becoming a blind contest? It encourages originality and creativity. Thanks.
  • Hi CH, Thanks for the review. I've submitted another design with variation of color on #12. Adding "box" around the login area. Thanks.
  • Hey CH, Thanks for feedback! Which logo no3 do you like? Logo3 in entry#9 or logo3 in entry#10 ? And where would you like earth tone color scheme,in the logo or in the website design? Also specify what colors do you like to see where? Regards.
  • UmairAslam23, Logo #3 looks very good. Can I see it on the page? Also, can I see what some earth tones would look like for a color scheme? Browns and Greens?Thanks!
  • Ardianet, I like the layout and logo. I also like the text added to introduce visitors to what can do. Can I see some shading or a box around the log in area to make it stand out some more? Also, can I see some different color options? Great work though Thanks!
  • Gregrgibson, await your comment for #20 and #21. Thank you
  • Hello gregrgibson, I was wounding, What Format is needed for the final work to be uploaded with for this contest? Kindly Advise, Thanks.