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Project description Website design for Wordpress (2 pages)

The following description is written as if you deliver coding, but we know you don't. Anyway, please try to use our thoughts in your design. 

We want a new design for our homepage, based on a custom designed Wordpress theme. Our current homepage can be seen at, but please don't use too much time on that, as we are looking for a fresh design. Pay NO attention to the content in the right sidebar.


We are a Norwegian company developing professional templates for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and all other alternative Office suites. We are not a download page, but implement unique designs from ad agencies for our business customers. We are also developing more advanced modules like macros, toolbars and add-ins for such software, depending on our customers' needs.


The homepage needs to convince decision-makers that our Office skills are the best and have them asking for a business proposal, no matter what Office related challenge they have.


We would like the typography to add something to the design. (ex. The use of Google fonts in this page looks very good, especially the headings: The body texts need to be larger than what we have today. The pages of course need to be responsive and SEO friendly.


We need two pages, one front page and one widely used sub page.


We have two kinds of customers. Decision-makers in typical businesses and organisations, and graphic designers/agencies, so we have to speak to both groups. The Chromecast-page have a nice way of presenting to products at the same time ( and this one is also quite good (, but you may have a different idea. Anyway it has to work well in mobile view also.


These pages need a "traditional" menu of some kind, which lets us add and remove categories and sub pages dynamically. If it's a dropdown menu, please show an example of it in your design. The pages need to look good with or without the use of an image or a video on top. You should also show an example on how to use images or figures inside the articles.

Please include styling of typical elements like unordered lists, sub headings, quotes, links and contact forms.


At our current website ( we display a short quote from one of our customers above the menu, as good references. When you reload the page you will get a new quote. These quotes are quite important to us, and we would like to keep using them, but with even greater visibility, somewhere on the pages.

Please feel free to ask your questions if anything is unclear.

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