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Winning design #1 by rajhees, Theme Design for Professional Corporate Blog Site Contest
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designed by rajhees

Project description

Look, Feel & Imagery • Looks expensive with care added to the details so the reader is impressed • Clean, professional and well structured layout • Corporate soft colors similar to website (maybe darker greys and blues) • Industrial imagery (Nuclear, Oil&Gas, Energy, Chemical, Cyber) • Use of our certification mark or Achilles platform might be nice to see – found here: Functionality • All current/modern functionality to ensure we are highly visible, read, distributed, subscribed to by our visitors, etc (RSS, Twitter, etc) • Programmed for easy insertion of twitter boxes, videos, imagery • Profiles for our contributors, customizable boxes for items like newsletter announcements, upcoming events, and webcasts etc. • Links to our website • SEO optimized Notes: Please use this company logo: These are other industry blogs that we want to look better, and generate more traffic than:

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  • Yes, we can confirm this is for both. It may seem low but we had two quotes from local design firms around this price as it seems they would take a current wordpress template, skin it and add some desired functionality. Our understanding may be underestimating the amount of work required and admittedly we may have to rebid but as you can see from our current blog, we are not looking for anything complex, just better looking with a bit more functionality.
  • can you confirm with design contest if this contest is for the coding to? The prize seems very low for template design and coding
  • Wordpress template development (design + coding)
  • Dear CH, Please clarify the following: rre you looking for the complete Wordpress template development (design + coding) or just a design (Photoshop/Fireworks files only)? Thank you
  • Please clarify: you want someone to DESIGN A CUSTOM SITE, CODE IT, AND ADD "desired functionality"?
  • Dear Rajhees, If you submit a design sample for the blog within the 5 day period that would be adequate. Then if you are chosen, we would proceed with the coding. Thanks for your inquiry.
  • Dear sir, I am willing to develop the design +coding of the wp . please let me know if the time frame is 5 days for both the coding+design . Or i need to first submit my design sample within the 5 day period and if you woul;d choose me proceed with the coding??
  • Thanks I will submit a design sample then within the five day period
  • How many days will you be giving me for coding the website? I can show u demo on my demo server or how do I show you updates??.Please let me know
  • Dear sir, Yes if you accept . I can go ahead with coding the website.
  • We are thrilled with your design. Would you be able to go ahead and code it?
  • Submit a design. i have no coding knowledge.
  • sir I have submitted the design as said.Do you have any replies for me
  • Hello sir,Can I start making inner pages and coding now itself or I need to wait for your final confirmation and approval???
  • Greetings. I've submitted design #6. as u said with web 2.0 look and with full social media support... check out the overall layout and its interface.. i hope u'll like it. if you are not sure about color combination then i can try some different light colors.... please give some reviews... thanks.
  • sir no replies for long time?? do you have some thing promising for me??? I am eagerly looking forward your reply please
  • yes 7 days will be fine.
  • sir I will be making the inner pages and submitting complete wordpress website within 7 days time will it be fine then?? thqanks for making me win
  • So we do not have any chances to win now? My template is ready to go Thanks!
  • sir great thanks for replying to me. whats the deadline ? when will you be accepting me? Please let em know shall I Keep doing it in my demoserver or do you have your server where I will upload files for your review??Please let me know